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The Incredible Health Benefits of "Oil Pulling"

Jennifer Sodini

"Oil pulling" is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that involves swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes (no more, no less). Through swishing the oil, it apparently pulls toxins out of your body through your mouth.

According to Wikipedia:

Oil pulling or oil swishing is a traditional folk remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, where it is called Kavala Gandoosha or Kavala Graha. Ayurvedic literature describes oil pulling as capable of both improving oral health and treating systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or asthma.[1] While scientific evidence is lacking to support any systemic benefits of oil pulling, some studies have suggested that it may reduce oral plaque, halitosis, and gingivitis.[1][2][3][4][5]

The benefits don't end at just oral improvement, apparently oil swishing also has a plethora of other positive effects as well. Such as...

  • Teeth whitening
  • Strengthening of the gums, teeth, and jaw. As well as helping with sensitive teeth and TMJ.
  • Prevention of cavities and gingivitis.
  • Helps with acne, eczema, psoriasis & other skin care issues.
  • General body detox.
  • Cures hangovers and migraines.
  • Helps with sleep issues.
  • Clears out sinuses, and helps with allergies.
  • Help with halitosis.
  • Helps with general pain issues.
    • Management of hormonal imbalances.

To try "oil pulling" it is preferred you find an ORGANIC oil, such as coconut oil or sesame oil (according to a blog post from Fashion Lush, coconut oil may be a better choice as it also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties as well). Then take either a teaspoon to a tablespoon amount of oil, put it in your mouth, then swish for 20 minutes.

It’s easy to do. Pick an oil, you can use ORGANIC coconut oil or sesame oil (I prefer coconut cause it also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-inflammatory properties), put anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon (depending on what you can handle) in your mouth, swish for 20 minutes. While swishing it is imperative you do not swallow, as you are filling the oil up with the toxins that are in your body. After time is up, spit out the "toxic waste" into a plastic baggy or directly into the trash, do not spit it down the drain because the oil will eventually solidify and cause issue with your pipes.

I, for one, can attest to the health benefits of this technique, and since I have incorporated "oil pulling" into my routine - I can honestly say, I've noticed a major difference! If you have tried this before and have had positive experiences, click the link below and share your comments!

A Universal Theory of Everything by Will Reardon

Will Reardon

There is an incredible quantity information out there for the open minded truth-seeker to digest, spanning the full spectrum from widely accepted universal truths to outrageous conspiracy theories. I've come to find that all this information has the capacity to be quite overwhelming, so sometimes its nice to remind ourselves of the basics: Everything is One. This seems like a common revelation for awakening souls.

"Everything is One" - with the aim of aligning our scientific thinking with perennial human philosophy, could this be our "Universal Theory of Everything"?

Everything is One, therefore everything we experience as separate is at some point connected. In everyday terms this idea has very practical implications. First and foremost take our individual selves - if we are all part of this connected oneness then to cause harm to another makes absolutely no sense, we are only hurting ourselves.

Herein lies a fundamental tenet of this new world we are co-creating - how amazing would this world be if everyone thought like this?! If everyone had this awareness then everyone would be nice to each other and we could create a perfect world. Sounds like a long shot but the world is in such a state that a change in direction like this is probably a natural consequence. And there do seem to be a great many people waking up. We can see people getting together into growing online communities with names such as Collective Evolution, Awakening People, Wake Up World and of course Evolve and Ascend...our collective consciousness is shifting.

There’s a further revelation hidden in here though. If everything is one then everyone is everything. Look at that sentence, it barely makes sense, and yet they do say that man is a microcosm of the universe. You are everything, this is the reality we have to come to terms with. You are not just a person connected somehow to all other people - you are everything. The universe is within you, and you are the universe. This is must be the ultimate revelation, the consciousness looking out of your eyes is none other than the universe itself.

The enormity of it confounds us, its too much. The wisdom of the world is based around this mysterious ungraspable wonder. It is awesome, it is staggering and it is the beginning and the end rolled into one.

Just try to conceive for a moment how utterly amazing and beautiful the entire universe is...that is exactly how utterly amazing and beautiful you are!

Watch the video I've created below to learn even more about these concepts - and bridge the gap between art, tech, love, and the universal oneness that connects us all!

To connect with Will Reardon, and see more of his work, visit his website, and please consider supporting his Patreon page by clicking here!

Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: Anthroposophy

Jennifer Sodini

Anthroposophy is a philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, which postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world accessible by direct experience through inner development.

This philosophy aims to develop faculties of perceptive imagination, inspiration and intuition by the process of cultivating a style of thinking independent of sensory experience, and to present the results thus derived in a manner subject to rational verification. By investigating the spiritual world, anthroposophy's primary objective is to attain precision and clarity from a scientific point of view. 

According to Waldorf Answers, the 4 primary "tenets" of anthroposophy are the following:

1. Anthroposophy is a spiritual philosophy, mainly developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It is born out of a philosophy of freedom, living at the core of anthroposophy. For more on anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner from this perspective, see herehere andhere.

2. It is a path of knowledge or spiritual research, developed on the basis of European idealistic philosophy, rooted in the philosophies of AristotlePlato, andThomas Aquinas. It is primarily defined by its method of research, and secondly by the possible knowledgeor experiences this leads to.

From this perspective, anthroposophy can also be called spiritual science. As such, it is an effort to develop not only natural scientific, but also a spiritual scientific research on the basis of the idealistic tradition, in the spirit of the historical strivings, that have led to the development of modern science.

On this basis, anthroposophy strives to bridge the clefts that have developed since the Middle Ages between the sciencesthe arts and the religious strivings of manas the three main areas of human culture, and build the foundation for a synthesis of them for the future.

The central organization for the cultivation of this in connection with anthroposophy is a School of Spiritual Science, having a center at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. For more on anthroposophy from this perspective, see here and here.

For a discussion of some aspects of the relation between Natural Science and Spiritual Science, from the perspective of the general concept of Science and the Philosophy of Science, see here.

3. Anthroposophy also is an impulse to nurture the life of the soul in the individual and in human society, meaning among other things to nurture the respect for and interest in others on a purely human basis independently of their origin and views.

The main organization for this is the Anthroposophical Society, which exists in a world wide form, as national Anthroposophical Societies, and as groups formed on the basis of subject. For more on this, see here. For the anthroposophical societies in the US and the UK, seehere and here.

4. While rooted in a philosophy of freedom, developed as a method of spiritual research and an impulse to nurture a purely human interest in other people, it also has possible practical implications and as such lives asapplied or practical anthroposophy in various "daughter movements" of anthroposophy.

The most developed of these daughter movements of anthroposophy are biodynamic farming, Waldorf schools (see European Council for Steiner Waldorf Schools and the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America for the largest Waldorf schools associations), anthroposophical curative education (see European Co-operation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy and the Camphill Association of North America) and anthroposophical medicine.

It is worthwhile to note, that although anthroposophy and theosophy have many similarities, and their appreciation of western teaching is harmonious - they are fundamentally different in their approach.

To learn more about anthoroposophy, visit Waldorf Answers by clicking here.


Lesson of the Week: Allowing Your Heart to Guide You, Always


Artwork by: Audrey Kawasaki

Artwork by: Audrey Kawasaki

The lesson for this week is the ideal of allowing your heart to be what guides you, always. When you follow your heart, you are following your truth, but when you follow your ego you are following the illusions you’ve built to adapt to the material world.

The heart is the organ, which allows life to be in flow. The "water of life" is your blood, and it flows through all of your veins. It also is what flows through your brain, but to get to the mind, it must first pump through your heart.

This is an analogy to take into consideration with your actions. Before you flow with the "current", look at where the waters are flowing. Are you moving in tempo with your heart, or are you allowing a tidal wave to form, which causes you to drown in your thoughts?

The ego can cause chaos, but the heart is where all truth lies. Follow your heart and be aware of the not first follow the ego and ignore the heart. If you flow in your tempo, it will allow for smooth sailing towards the horizons of what you desire, always


Trevor Harden

Despite my life-long, rabid interest in comparative religion, mythology and philosophy, I spent the majority of my life as a bit of a skeptic - intellectually wrestling with mainstream spiritual ideas but unavailable to an actual spiritual reality beyond what I could directly observe. My Bullshit Meter was (and still is) on high alert. But the further around the fringes I allowed myself to explore, the more confused I became. Here were people I respected, teachers I looked up to and authors I found interesting speaking passionately about such "far out" things as angelic beings, divination, chakras and astral travel. “Are you freaking kidding me,” I scoffed. And yet it was as though I couldn't escape… these topics just kept bubbling up in one form or another. Cursed with an insatiable curiosity, I felt compelled to take a closer look.



Things started to turn around when I began thinking about the function of an ordinary car stereo. If you’re listening to Station A and then switch to Station B, does “A" stop broadcasting just because you’ve tuned in to a different frequency? Of course not. Both are simultaneously projecting wavelengths into the air but your car's antenna is only able to pick up one at a time. In other words, there are many unseen realities surrounding us at all times that we simply don't have the faculties to receive.

The human vehicle comes equipped with its own set of antennas - the five senses. Yet as wonderful as they are in enabling us to taste sweet ice cream and smell a musky perfume, they are not dialed in to register many other very real phenomena. X-rays, microwaves and radio frequencies go unnoticed by the ordinary human consciousness. If that is true, isn't it at least possible that there are many additional realities - spiritual realities - that neither most of humanity, nor even our technology, are currently able to pick up?



Nearly all mystical and spiritual traditions speak of otherworldly beings, heavens and alternate dimensions. The simplest form of the Kabbalah, as one example, outlines TEN divine emanations and FOUR realms, of which our everyday physical reality (called Malkuth / Assiah) is only one crude fraction of the bigger picture. Are these divine worlds, celestial beings and alternate dimensions "real" or are they just projection? Is all of this simply self-delusion and imagination? It’s entirely possible. But let's look at the nature of mind for a moment.

In an ancient system known as Hermeticism, the very first principle (the Principle of Mentalism) states that all of reality is in the mind of God, a mental creation. Similarly, many eastern philosophies suggest that the physical world is Maya (or illusion), a sort of fantastic virtual reality simulation. Furthermore, scientific advances have proven that all of physical reality is no more real than the mental projection we have of it; your eye sees a couch, but on a subatomic level there is nothing solid at all - only infinite space and quantum soup. In fact, one (controversial) research scientist even suggests that it’s possible that nothing physical exists until a consciousness observes it (Link).

Taking that as a starting place, if the universe or multiverse is indeed mental...

...that means that thought is a creative principle, that visualization is extraordinarily powerful and that will and intention have the potential to manipulate the framework.




What I'm suggesting is this: If you’ve never experienced the mystical or supernatural, it's possibly because you haven't tuned yourself to it mentally. In other words, we only see what we will to see. Have you ever noticed how many red cars you pass once you buy one yourself… or how many strollers you see when you have a new baby? As journalist Jason Louv puts it, "Attention is the currency we spend to make things real.” If you invest your will and attention on extra-sensory, non-physical phenomena, you very well may manifest their influence in your life. The problem is that most of us have already made up our minds before we even look. If you are closed to spirit, to magick, to energy centers in the body, to astrological forces, to synchronicity, to meaning… then you will certainly never experience these things. The Tao Te Ching shines some light here:

"Green plants are tender and filled with sap. At their death they are withered and dry. Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.”

Until we are willing to throw out everything we think we know, we will not be soft enough for new possibilities and ideas to grow. In the process of consciously and intentionally opening ourselves to spiritual realities we begin to till the psychic soil, making it fertile for these non-physical, “mental” influences to take root.



In the next couple of weeks I will be continuing with installments in this series. In Part II I will address those of you with strong Bullshit Meters, in particular how you can discern if the experiences you’re having are authentic or if you have indeed gone of the deep end. In Part III I will share an introduction on how to listen to, interact with and even manipulate this “mental universe.”

Until then, may your daily prayer be simple: “Open up my eyes to the things unseen.” Just this simple, seemingly insignificant effort may be enough to begin to consciously change your frequency. You may find you’re able to TUNE IN to a whole new world that had been there - quietly and secretly - all along.

Trevor Harden is a writer, professional musician, visual artist (sacred geometry + graphic design) and student of all esoteric and exoteric traditions. He studied music theory and composition at Ball State University in Indiana and now resides near the Lowcountry beaches of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Find Trevor’s writings, artwork and music at both and


An Excercise to Find Freedom Through Forgiveness


Image by: King Walls

Image by: King Walls

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
― Gautama Buddha

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful actions, and at times can be the most difficult. Forgiving those who have wronged/hurt us, especially when it seems completely intentional (or malicious) is hard, but forgiving ourselves for what we allow into our experience can be even harder. However, forgiveness allows us to find freedom, and although it may be trying, this action is the ultimate weapon that transmutes darkness into light. 

The exercise below, from Sun Language, is a way to shine light on the darkness with forgiveness, and love - by letting go of the "poison" you may be holding on to, and allowing the lessons of life to make you a "warrior" not a worrier. 

Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness with Sun Language

Write out a list of the made choices, events, circumstances and people that may have felt less than perfect. Remember not to curse or damn these lessons. Make this list not to be the list of what you do not like in your life, but instead allow this list to be where there is room for improvement and where more love needs to go. The idea of this practice is to forgive and to find forgiveness of yourself as well.

You may not realize it but most of the time, if not all of the time, the reason things happen is because of the feelings you are signaling with your thoughts. You may think things happen to you, but nothing happens - every experience is actualized because of the call your thoughts are making. You must forgive yourself for the thoughts you may have made that signaled unfortunate circumstances, and then you must also forgive the circumstances that came to be, because of your thoughts.

The people you attract are all lessons and unfortunately, on this plane of reality, the lessons sometimes can be very harsh and hard to forgive. Especially when loss is involved in all facets. Whether it’s the loss of truth, trust, money, love, or life. The call of the strong soul that can overcome all adversity is to always forgive, always.

This is not an option if you truly wish to live your light always. Forgive and release, because hate will only lend you to a heavy heart. The time now is to make your list of the circumstances that may not have felt the best and to forgive each by writing a positive message or a new story as to the made significance of your life. This is going to be hard, it is going to be emotional and it is far from easy, but we assure you, once you let go, your heart will feel mended and your wounds can truly begin to heal. 

***Take about 20-30 minutes to write your forgiveness list***

Next, write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself with this new lighter heart, by allowing the understanding of why everything has happened to be the compass that navigates the way and allows the letter to be true and to also possess the made magic trick, which is the art of taking something and changing it to something else.

In alchemy this is the process of turning metal into gold, and now is the time to make your base shine with golden light and become valuable because of your life's experiences transmuted into beauty and your pain becoming a part of the voyage that allowed you to become a seasoned sailor ready for any waters that life may bring.

Now forgive yourself and release the anger you may feel by loving it and letting it be loved by the light you bless it with and the warmth you give to the cold hard moments of this reality on earth.

***take 20-30 minutes and write your forgiveness letter***

After completing both exercises, how do you feel? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to share your experiences by commenting below.

To learn more about Sun Language, visit their official Facebook page by clicking here.

If You Are Me, and I Am You...Then Who Am I Listening To? by Matthew John

Matthew John

Singer/songwriter Matthew John

Singer/songwriter Matthew John

It is approximately 12:38 AM on a Saturday, and there is no way on earth I will be escaping to the astral world any time soon. I can barely keep my eyes shut long enough to forget the pattern of my earth tone bed spread.

The lights are off around me aside from my Himalayan pink salt rock lamp, which will hopefully soon be coming to the rescue. I can’t help myself at this point. My mind is wired and no complete ideas are forming, only fragmented thoughts of my day.

The people I encountered: the ones I knew, the ones I didn’t, the ones who smiled at me, and the ones who didn’t know I even existed.

The things I saw: a man walking his dog, the woman and her daughter at the bus stop, the boy riding his bike, and the elderly gentlemen who harassed the driver in front of him for not revving her engine fast enough as soon at the light turned green. 

The things I did: brushed my teeth, went to the gym, checked in with my finances, read from my new book; “You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life’’ by Jen Sincero, went grocery shopping, chatted with friends, talked life with my brother and his girlfriend, and enjoyed a late diner with my family.

The things I was told: 

“You’re a good boxer.” 

“You’ve got a killer voice” 

“You’re songwriting is on point”.

“You’re going to go far in your career.”

“You’ve got a great sense of humor.”

The things I told myself: 

“I am out of shape”

“My voice has been sounding weird lately.”

“this song wasn’t as good as that other one I wrote.”

“I wonder how much of this I really have in me.”

“Man today I just don’t feel like myself.”

Wait a minute. What is happening here? Why are you saying one thing, while I am thinking another? Can you be right? No. You are lying. Or wait, am I right? am I lying to myself?

To you I probably sound crazy, or could it be that you are recognizing the “crazy” of yourself in me? I don’t know who it is really that I am listening to.. but either way this just isn’t good for my development, nor is it good for a good night's sleep.

All day long we are fed the lies that we tell ourselves from acheiving our full potential. I am for the most part a very positive and energetic person, but I am not perfect. I am not always one specific way.

Our personal best will vary from day to day, as we are all aware, but If that is true.. then we do we sometimes forget? Why do we sometimes forget that when we are having our best day ever, someone is having their worst?

Why do we forget that when we recieved our promotion at work, someone else got laid off Why do we forget that while we are driving to Whole Foods with our shopping list, our neighbor took the bus to shop on food stamps?

We’re all living in, and sharing this world together, fighting the same battles, paying the same taxes, we are all the same...just wanting to be loved and some giving it more than others.

I think it’s time that I REALLY learn to take a compliment, and I think that it’s about time that we really work on giving them, as well as let people know that they are appreciated.

I know I sure enjoy hearing them, don’t you? Why don’t we start listening to those, instead of the lies we tell ourselves?

In a strange way, you’re kind of giving them to yourself anyway, right?

Let’s all sleep a little better at night.

Things I’ll tell someone tomorrow:

“Thank you for allowing me to __(fill in the blank)__  with you.”

“Thank you for trusting me with __(I’ll fill in the blank)__.”

“Thank you for taking the time to ___(fill in the blank)___ for me.”


Tomorrow I will work on myself some more, and the day after that.. and the day after that. It will be a never ending process, and I hope the same goes for most of you.  The best we can do is the best we can do, and that will always vary.

So don't listen when you hear your self-doubt, becuase the chances are tomorrow you just might be laughing at yourself for doing so. Don't be discouraged when you don't feel like you aren't as good today, as you were yesterday.

Don't let yourself down, becuase really only you can turn it around...and when I say you, I really am just talking to myself.

“Cause’ there’s no better time than here and now.”

*A note from the author*

This is my first blog post with Evolve and Ascend, and truly hope that this message will resonate with some of you out there.

I know it can be an interesting feeling, like you're playing monkey in the middle with your thoughts, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to share what is on my mind. Until next time...

How to Access the Healing Power of Your Mind by Justin Faerman

Justin Faerman

Image via: Natalie Fletcher 

Recent breakthroughs in the field of epigenetics have demonstrated a direct link between our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and very real, measurable changes in our genetic code. Previously our DNA was believed to be a sort of genetic imprint from our parents, a stamp of fate that programmed our cells, personality and physiology and was ultimately unalterable. Although there is some truth to the fact that you do indeed inherit your foundational genetic makeup from your parents, the idea that the hand of cards you are dealt at birth is the only one you get to play for the rest of your life is patently false.

Take for example this study by researchers at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital: 26 adult participants (without prior experience) were taught various relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, mantra (the repetition of “sacred” sounds) and meditation. The participants were given comprehensive blood tests immediately preceding and immediately following 20 minutes of self-directed practice. By looking at 22,000 different gene sequences, researchers were able to identify and measure any changes that occurred during and after practicing the various meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

The results were not altogether surprising for anyone who has practiced meditation or mindfulness for any length of time. Every single one of the participants showed measurable changes in the genes that researchers had previously identified as being responsible for, or related to, aging, metabolism, relaxation and even insulin response. These changes were shown to be indicative of a significantly reduced stress response and initiated activity in telomere maintenance genes, meaning that the mindfulness, meditation and mantra practice actually initiated changes in the body that led to alteration and repair of DNA.

“Your mind controls your biology. That’s what the placebo effect is about; the mind believes the pill will work and so it does,” renowned stem cell biologist and epigenetics researcher Bruce Lipton is quote as saying. “In the science of epigenetics it’s been found that it’s the perception of your environment that controls your genes. You’re not a victim of your genes because you’re the one who can change your environment—or, more importantly, change your perception... The physical expression is the consequence of the mind’s program—the program comes first, the physical expression second. The function of the mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and your reality.”

Take, for example, the spectacular results of Bruce’s student Dina Proctor. Dina had been getting deeply into mindfulness, meditation and epigenetics and decided to perform an informal experiment on herself using a simple 3-minute visualization meditation to address serious imbalances in her blood cholesterol levels that had been persisting for some time. For two weeks she regularly practiced the following visualization meditation:

“I started out visualizing a gentle but laser-like beam of healing energy entering my body straight into my heart. I imagined a warm sensation as the beam infiltrated and surrounded my heart. As the warmth grew stronger, I pictured the healing energy in the form of a thick liquid or serum, like warm honey, slowly seeping from my heart muscle into my bloodstream. I kept my focus on the warm feeling of the serum moving into my bloodstream in all directions. I followed it in my mind’s eye, moving through my chest into my legs and arms, fingers and toes, and circling back again into my heart.”

After a few of days of this specific focus in her visualization, she could sense that her blood levels were evening out: “I visualized the imaginary serum healing each blood cell it touched as it traveled throughout my body,” she later remarked about her process.

And sure enough, the results of her bloodwork post meditation showed a significant positive change: her serum cholesterol readings had dropped from 227 to 177, in lock step with the findings from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine study showing that simple changes in our perception and thought process do have measurable physical effects in the body.

The Keys to Accessing the Healing Power of Your Mind

1. Focused Visualization

Research has shown that the mind cannot differentiate between something imagined and something actually occurring in your life. It treats both with equal emphasis and since your mind literally controls and coordinates the functioning of your cells and body as a whole, what you think and believe has an incredible amount of influence on your physiology. Your mind is literally programming your cells’ function in real time via the genetic code. Visualization, is, in a sense a way to “hack” the dynamics of this internal biofeedback loop. As your cells respond to changes in the control center of the mind, by changing the focus of your mind you can directly and indirectly influence your cells, which are the fundamental compositional element of everything in the body. When they shift, the corresponding organ shifts, begetting healing in the body.

The Practice: In order for visualization to have maximum effect, it must be practiced consistently as cells have lifecycles of their own, and you want to be sure to be broadcasting new instructions for an extended period of time. The mind responds most strongly to the dominantly held programming (thoughts, images, beliefs, etc.) and in order to tip the scales in favor of what you are visualizing, you need to be consistent. In many cases, we are trying to balance out a lifetime of faulty mental programming and self-destructive thought processes.


2. Healing Beliefs

Beyond simple thoughts or visualizations, lie our beliefs, which are our most fundamental programming. They allow us to make sense of and interpret the complex and overwhelming  incoming sensory data that is constantly streaming into our minds. They are perceptual filters that dictate what we perceive and ultimately our thoughts and emotions. As such, they powerfully control our physiology and can keep us locked into unhealthy patterns if left unexamined. Since thoughts, emotions and ultimately our automatic visualizations are controlled by our beliefs, it is extremely important to do a thorough inventory and adjust anything that is potentially creating illness and dysfunction in the body.

The Practice: Here’s a simple exercise to help you become aware of deeply held, often unconscious beliefs: next time you catch yourself thinking any kind of negative, doubting, fearful thought ask yourself the following question: “What must I believe is true in order to be having this thought/perception?” Coming at it from another angle can also be helpful, asking yourself: “What am I making this mean about myself?” The answers to both questions should lead you in short order to a limiting, self-destructive belief that is most definitely having a negative impact on your life and potentially your health as well. Sometimes you may need to ask the questions a few times to dig deep past surface answers and get to deeply unconscious programming.

Once you have identified a limiting belief, you can then decide if you still believe it is true. Often times simply becoming aware of “default programming” is enough to shift it as we realize how irrational and untrue it actually is. Beliefs are simply deeply held perceptions of reality, and they can change in an instant once we realize they are not true.

Further Reading:

For more articles like this, be sure to subscribe to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine by clicking the image above!

For more articles like this, be sure to subscribe to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine by clicking the image above!

Can Creativity Be the New Currency?

Jennifer Sodini

Artwork by: Caren Charles

Artwork by: Caren Charles

This past Tuesday, July 28th, we joined forces with to curate an event in celebration of the film, Time is Art. With less than a week of planning, we rode the waves of synchronicity, and allowed the current of the universe to direct our path - and the end result was an evening that embodied the very ethos of the film we were supporting.

By shifting our idea of time being "money", into time being art - we allow the spirit of creativity and collaboration to be what drives us, as opposed to the harsh energies of competition and greed.  The limiting "beliefs" our current model of reality has boxed us into believing we are here to "consume" and "obey", but these beliefs only contain power if we allow them to continue...if we begin to shift our vision from our head to our heart, this is where we can find our true power.

We've been lead to believe that money is power, and have placed value on the things we acquire being what our wealth is measured by. But, what if we allowed creativity to be our new currency, and let our value be determined by the art we produce, and the inspiration we provide to others? 

Time is Art asks these very questions, and provides the inspiration to unlock our true calling by unraveling the current matrix so a new pattern can emerge.  

If what happened this past Tuesday is any indication of what it would mean if this new ethos was applied to our experience, the future we could co-create could be beyond money, and into the heart of a creative community of human beings - free from labels, "boxes" and judgement.

Being in a room with artists, authors, scientists, doctors, philosophers, programmers, spiritualists and futurists alike - with all barriers of ego dissolved, allowed for a glimpse into just how magical life could be if we all equally participated in this experience together. It is our greatest dream that this is the future we can work towards being a consistent reality, and we hope to inspire you to live with your time being your art, and your creativity being your masterpiece.

See entire album of photos from the evening by scrolling the gallery below!

Less than 1 day left to contribute to Time is Art on Indiegogo! All levels of donation and sharing are appreciated!

Spirit Animal of the Week: The Hare


The made spirit to be your guide this week is the made spirit of the hare. The hare is the swift rabbit that believes the fast way is the way you win the race. The lesson to learn is that fast wins are quickly forgotten, but the slow journey to success will always be appreciated.

When you are handed what you've wished for, you soon forget how you felt before the wish came to be. When you get what you wish for, after waiting and wondering and hoping and praying, the wish becomes more significant when it is granted because it was something you earned.

The lesson of the hare is to be fast when necessary, but the made motion to follow when moving towards your dreams is patience. This virtue is the virtue of all wisdom to allow to be your point of view, because patience breeds kindness, and hasty movement and fast forgetfulness only breeds contempt.

You're all to learn the lessons of these spirits as you journey through life. Some may learn the lessons in alignment with when this is first read, while others may learn in time. The made ideal to follow is to look forward with what you learn, but also look back after you've learned it. 

Sync Don’t Swim: A Few Ways to Increase the Likelihood of Experiencing Mind-bending and Heart-opening Synchronicities

Jennifer Palmer

Artwork by: Phazed

Artwork by: Phazed

I’m often asked, how can I experience synchronicities?  Are there any tricks or guidelines for noticing these uncanny coincidences in my own life?   While there are no surefire methods or prescriptions for sync, you can create the right conditions for which to experience it.  First and foremost you have to be open to the possibility that there’s an underlying connection between yourself and the universe.  It’s not enough to just think about it: you have to feel it—the flowing oneness between yourself and everything.  You might be like I was, and not even necessarily believe in something like that, so that when you experience a mind-blowing sync and start feeling aspects of yourself dissolving into the greater pulse of Being, it’s tempting to freak out.  Profound boundary loss is a part of sync.  It’s the rough edge we pass through on the way to the sweet stillness at the center of joy. 

In order to feel the flowing oneness, it might help to alter your perception.  Besides getting high, this can also mean taking a bus out of the city and into nature--something that gets you away from the everyday.  For people, their everyday might already be in quiet place, so they should head to a city with eyes open and ear buds off.  The key is to get out of your environment and your head—to activate ancient instinctual pathways and light up the way to greater awareness.

The next, perhaps even more difficult pre-sync task is to hack out the heavy hedge of cause and effect.  We are reliant upon the idea that things happen as the result of something else happening, but by their very nature, synchronicities are not things that “happen” in an A to B to C kind of way.  For starters, they don’t exist in and of themselves.  Synchronicities are an observation by a person who assigns meaning to what they’ve perceived.   This has led people to exclaim, “Well then synchronicities aren’t real if you’re just making them mean something”, which is absolutely true and gets at the core of sync’s special magic:  Sync teaches that we have the power to ascribe meaning in the world.  Being open to the possibility of sync is therefore also being open to the possibility of one’s personal power and the fact that we co-create everything we experience—and so does everyone else. 

From the perspective of observing one’s life from afar, every moment would be revealed through the rainbow prism of synchronicity.  Think about all of the zillions of unrelated things that had to come together so that you could be sitting there, wearing the clothes you’re wearing and reading this on a screen built by very poor people, far away in a life that exists in the debris field of the life to which we feel entitled.  And while we are aware of this we’re also aware that it’s all unfolding perfectly.  The music you stream, the random person you spoke to that time you forgot your ear buds, the latte or beer or 40 that you toss back, the things you see lying on the street, the faded wrappers with cryptic messages that seem just for you, the blank expression on your face when you stand up to throw out your trash, the thoughts that happen to be wheeling through your mind, mannequins that you dress up like they are a part of you, all of it orchestrated perfectly in sync with zillions of other events to bring you to this exact moment in this specific reality that is the story you tell yourself. 

Sync is revealing objects and information to you that’s exactly what you’re meant to be interacting with at exactly that moment, which is to say, everything that happens is exactly what’s meant to happen.  It’s about connecting you with people and finding what I like to think of as your soul family/tribe/day one peoples/la familia/crew or whatever you want to call them.  I like friends and tribe.  As your sync awareness grows there will be an increased number of people you meet as the result of unplanned, unforeseen circumstances who go on to play a crucial role in your life.  The same will be true of books, movies and art. Things will literally jump off the shelves and magically appear on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline.  Nothing is accidental and yet very little is done, thought or said “on purpose”.  There’s the unconscious world of our dreams and desires that we’re still exploring, and while we may not have full awareness of how it works we can see that our unconscious lives play out in our conscious ones.  You were drawn to read this article because some part of you was already aware of this dense web of connections-- this infinite mystery underlying the everyday—and wanted to explore it further.

I’ve gone for weeks seeing many images of death:  everything from elaborate dios de la muerte masks to skulls and demands scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk where I work to fuck off and die.  None of it was directed to me, but in a way it was, because it kept coming across my path.  Was it a cosmic warning that I was going to die?  No more than anything.  The truth is our death is always right beside us, waiting for the activation of its eternal reality. 

A part of you is already dead, and always has been.  The sync is merely making me notice it.

It’s the same thing if I have a powerful dream that I’m dying.  I wake gasping for air and clutching at the sheets, but did it mean that I was going to die that day or anytime soon?  No…but if I had died that day there’d be a more powerful case for saying it was prophesizing my doom.  This becomes what the dream means to us despite no scientific or logical connection between dreaming of one’s death and then actually dying that next day.

As I mentioned, there are no prescriptions for sync, only creating the right conditions and cultivating awareness.  This is something you do over time.  Ultimately it’s a daily practice, one you can do while taking or walk or riding on the subway or watching a movie.  Eventually you realize that “everything” syncs, which means of course that “nothing” syncs”. 

I’m getting ahead of myself—or maybe behind.  Synchronicity teaches us that time is more of a spiraling Mobius strip than a linear highway.  But the dream of the linear story hurtles us forward, stretching our mentality out in ways that will never fit the reality of the situation.

Here are 7 things you can do that in my experience have led to more synchronicities:

1.     Clear your mind of prejudices about popular culture and what constitutes “good” and “bad” as these don’t matter in sync.  Cultivate an indifference to the information and how it’s conveyed.  To someone who is alert and sync aware, a television commercial can be an opportunity to experience The Divine.  Even a popular blockbuster film with little or no plot and lots of violence is broadcasting from the same center we all inhabit of our collective consciousness. 

2.     Record your syncs:  when it does happen (and it will happen, I promise) blog or make a video about your syncs.  If possible, share these notes either online or with friends who are also tracking them—this will have the effect of triggering more synchronicities.  Sync is the story that is told about it—starting with that first story that we come up immediately upon perceiving it.  Even if everyone around you has already grown tired of your strange preoccupations and isn’t interested in another, you can find other people who want to share synchronicities.  I found people writing about synchronicity online.  It was comforting and educational to read their theories as it made me realize I wasn’t the only one going through such weird stuff.  At first I just read what they wrote but soon I was commenting and telling about my own synchronicities, which had an immediate effect of amplifying them. 

3.     Experiment with being playful with your identity online. I’m not telling you to con people or take on an alter ego for the purpose of striking out with impunity.  This is the opposite of becoming a rigid minded troll.  I’m saying to get a little loose with the story of who you are. The internet is a great tool and repository for synchronicity since it’s also the place that people go to find out what’s going on with them when it first starts to happen all the time.  Start up a Twitter or Tumblr account as a version of yourself and plug in with other seeker peeps.  Play out a part of you, perhaps one that only you know. Unlike the identity sticklers at Facebook, all you need at Twitter and Tumblr is a Gmail address and you can start trying on different parts of yourself, which is of course, what we do anyway in everyday life--we just don’t think of it like that.  Don’t connect it to your real life accounts or friends, or at the very least, only with a select few.  Maybe you’ll meet individuals with whom you want to divulge your fuller identity—that’s fine.  But if you’re able to treat the public timeline interactions like a playful social sculpture you will be clearing the path for magical interactions with the unexpected.

4.     Watch an old favorite movie and take note of how it changes each time you watch it.  This is because you are different.  The world is different.  Sync teaches that the movie is constantly being co-created by those who watch it.  Diving into this can cause you to get SyncJacked and never be the same again (go ahead and click--you’ve been warned).   One cool thing that frequently happens with the stars of cinema is that a relatively unknown character actor with a small part in the favorite film you choose to watch, without remember that he or she was in it, will suddenly start showing up everywhere on TV and in other movies you “happen” to watch.

5.     Look out for the number 42.  It’s the answer to life, the universe and everything and along with 23 is perhaps the most important sync number.  They both tend to show up in the most dramatic and frivolous moments.  They are the nothingness of meaning itself—the placeholder in our consciousness, like the black monoliths in 2001, A Space Odyssey. 

6.     Practice Bibliomancy:   is deceiving because it appears frivolous and easy when it actually cuts deep through the layer cake of psychic repression.  It’s simple enough to take a book and pick it up to a random page and read whatever your eyes fall upon first.  It’s more difficult to meditate upon what you read without immediately latching on to the most obvious meaning based on personal connection.  Not that you shouldn’t take that in, but the trick is to remain to what else comes up in the course of the day.  A book that is actually bound, and with pages, is to be preferred over digital copies since the physical one can be a better container and transmitter of interpersonal magic made apparent by penciled notes and underlines, as well as dog ears and broken backs.

7.     Another thing to mediate upon is your Galactic Signature.  I’ve just started exploring mine and already it’s yielded great syncs.  According to the Foundation for the Law of Time, who carry on the work of visionary Jose Arquelles and the transition to a 13 month calendar aligned with natural time,  your Galactic Signature is your “password into fourth dimensional time” based on your birthdate and the codex of the Ancient Mayan calendar.   As wild as it sounds I find my signature of “Red Planetary Dragon” to be immensely synchy.  You can find out more here.

Good luck and make sure to keep me posted @TRUE

Preventative Self-Care Habits - Why They Can Change Your Life by Bunny Urick

Bunny Urick

Life can be a bit esoteric sometimes - if not all the time if you're a daydreamer like myself. It's a journey that can not be predicted or planned for, and in the end we all can only do our best to get through the many highs and lows life provides us. Daily self-care habits can help us get through the constant changes.

What is self-care? Self-care is a deliberate and self-initiated act in which benefits the individual in a positive healthy way. These actions are specific to each individual. For example self-care for me means:

-    Waking up early enough to set a daily goals and to-dos

-    Having a nutritious breakfast for energy for the rest of the day

-       Dressing up for myself

-       Doing my nails

-       Illustrating my feelings in my notebook

-       Being active for at least an hour a day to manage anxiety

-       Practicing meditation and breathing exercises to manage stress

-       Being mindful and practicing appreciation and gratitude

-       Spending some time with a friend or calling one each day

-       Being sure to wash my face and brush my teeth at night

-       Taking a long hot bath as a means of reward at the end of a long hard work week


These are only a few examples of some of my self-care practices. Different things help each person relax, feel good, and feel healthier and cared for. Feel free to try using some of the above and comment below with some of your own! 

Self-care works as preventative medicine for your mind, body, and soul. When we practice self-care consistently and with persistence we build up a wellness reserve in our bodies and minds. With our constantly changing and evolving society that continues to make supportive communities difficult to foster – self-reliance and care is becoming increasingly important. Even if you are lucky enough to be in a supportive community, having daily self-care rituals helps keep you strong and supportive in you own and others’ difficult times. Think of it this way – you have a glass and your well-being is measured by the amount of water in it. If you are not feeling well and do not care for yourself, this water is low, and continues to decline. If you take care of yourself and continuously do so, your water level is high and replenished. When an obstacle of life unbalances this glass – you lose some water. The more self-care you practice the less this loss affects your water supply and your overall wellbeing. The less self-care you practice, the more this imbalance causes you lack and pain. It is much easier to bounce back from a unplanned life event if you have a full cup than if you are already running on empty.

Let’s talk about how to set your own daily self-care habits and rituals. Take a few minutes to sit down with a pen and paper – or even your digital iphone pad or a word document on your computer. Think about your day to day schedule. Are you getting up after you hit snooze three times? Running to work without a bite? Fueling on coffee and sugar all day and crashing when you get home? Have you been keeping track of your to-dos and schedules? Write it out from morning to evening. Now, without judgment, examine it. Where could you improve things for YOU? Where can you move, limit, eliminate, or expand things? Are there some things you want to do everyday that you haven’t been? What would make you feel good and accomplished if you did a little of it every day?

I hope these tips help you. With small consistent changes we can foster great transformations. I would love to hear you own self-care habits!  

-Bunny Urick 

Learn more about Bunny's work by visiting her official website High Priestess Living, and be sure to connect with her on Instagram by clicking here.

Creating Your Reality With Your Words by Mia Banducci

Mia Banducci

When I hear the word “spells” what once came to mind was reminiscent of Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, and the scene where she induced everyone into a trance. It would’ve had a semi-negative connotation, but now, removing the obscurity of what it could mean to be "magical", I’ve learned to utilize "spells" that are changing my life, in that I've come to realize that "spells" really just mean you are creating your reality with intentional words. 

I had the power of the words I create with proven to me this weekend in the most profoundly tangible way...

A friend of a friend was subletting her place in Venice Beach for the summer, and I’d gone to look at it, only to be told 2 minutes before I arrived another friend called and said she’d take it.

I was so bummed. The house was PERFECT for me! Great roommates, a private roofdeck, two blocks from the best walking street in LA, and 5 blocks from the beach! I’d been dreaming of finding a place like this for over a year...asking the universe, and all the powers that be to help me. Even though every time I looked on Craigslist or RadPad all I could find was tiny rooms in tiny apartments just like Manhattan, priced about the same, but I kept the faith alive!

The day before I had to leave my apartment, my friend of a friend called...she’d been bailed on, and asked me if I “still want the place?” Hmmm, let me think about that… YESSS!

As soon as I moved in, I was home. I’ve never felt more comfortable anywhere I’ve lived in LA, and only one spot in NYC all those years (only because we had two stories and a backyard in the East Village! Unheard of!).

I started sending out energy of choice wording everyday, “Zoe won’t need this apartment anymore, she will find love, or something that will keep her from having to come back here, this is MY place, and I will get to stay here.”

Words. We don’t think often enough where they come from, or what they really are. What is a thought? It’s made up of words right? A sandwich is a thought before you make it. So why not acknowledge that thoughts can become things? What if by speaking these words, I made them true?

Friday, I did just that. Zoe returned early, and I fretted I’d be back on the search - yet, I kept the faith, and didn't allow worry to work through me, and I was granted the greatest gift.

Zoe’s best friend’s roommate was leaving their house down the block, for LESS money! She jumped at the opportunity, and on August 1st, I sign the lease as a permanent resident in my dreamy new home.

Some might write this off as a “coincidence” or a stroke of luck, but (in my personal opinion) it's neither...everything actually seems pretty well orchestrated. Our intentions, and our energy, come from the same power that fuels our hearts, holds us to the earth, and pulls our planet around the sun. 

Next time you’re worried, concerned, or the slightest bit frustrated, I invite you to reframe your perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it's easier said than done, but if you commit to working on your role as the responsible creator of your own destiny - it's worth it in the end. 

I invite you to think about what it is that you desire most fiercely, and write it down. Don’t write about fame, or money, write what you want to be valued for. Write about the purpose you should share with us. Then, and this step might be the most important, write down what you’re grateful for. If you write three desires, write ten things you feel blessed by.

If you can’t think of anything at first, start with the sun. Without the sun, trees wouldn’t grow and produce air for us to breathe, or plants for us to eat. Personally, I am grateful for puppies, and those fat little feet babies have - but truly, there are ENDLESS things to be grateful for.

When you go about your day, observe the thoughts in your mind. Are they hurtful to yourself or others? Practice changing, “What is this assh*le doing?!” To, “He must be having a hard day to drive so inconsiderately.” Practice, practice, practice!

Focus on the lists you make. Write gratitude everyday, read your desires as often as possible. Whether you believe or not, you will be surprised at the rewards.

These will become the words that create your reality. They can be as small as, “I am grateful for my mom and we will get along better.” To, “I will discover a new way to express my true self to those around me,” or “I will find work that makes me and everyone around me happier and stronger.”

Focus, repeat, observe, stay positive and vigilant - creating what you wish to see in your experience with your words, will allow the next chapter in your "novel of life" to be worth the read!

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Your Outer World is a Mirror of Your Inner World by Paige Bartholomew

Paige Bartholomew

Many people are confused about what it means when we talk about the outer world being a reflection of the inner self.  It IS a complex concept, and it's one with several different layers of meaning.  Here are three layers explained, each incrementally more advanced than the one before. 

The Simple Version:

The first and simplest way to look at it is that whatever is within you is what you'll recognize most obviously in the people and circumstances around you. Whatever beauty and love you carry, whatever pain and aggression you carry, you will readily recognize that in others.

This perspective is built around the concept that we are most acutely aware of that which we most intimately know.

The Intermediate Version:

As you grow and evolve into the next, more advanced level, you’ll begin to understand the concept that you create your own reality. You do not simply create what you think about, you create what you ARE.  So whatever is unhealed, sad or in grief - whatever you don’t like or cannot accept about yourself, will be re-created in the stories that show up in your life. (Sometimes we call these "patterns".) You'll attract people that trigger your own unhealed places.  They will trigger you because they’ll either dislike THEMSELVES in the same way you dislike yourself, or they’ll dislike YOU in that way.  However it shows up, the idea is that it's an opportunity to look more closely at your own inner world with the ultimate goal of healing what's out of alignment with Love.

This perspective is built around the concept that the universe is a fractal. That is: whatever energy signature we carry will be repeated infinitely, again and again, until we change that vibration.

The Advanced Version:

At the most advanced level, you’ll come to know that in the deepest spiritual reality, there is only One Being in all of existence. Because there is only one of us here, "It" is creating all of this world we see, hear, feel, and perceive. "We"- the One - create seemingly billions of facets of our self. Each facet believes, in its small sphere of perception, that he or she is a distinct entity, separate from all the others. It is when you reach the highest levels of spiritual wisdom that you’ll realize that you can either choose to operate from this small, single little self, or you can remember the Oneness that WE are and harness the power of All That Is.

From the highest spiritual perspective, we know that the "others" are mirrors for us, because they actually ARE us. And at this level of spiritual attainment, the whole thing is uproariously entertaining - because we know that it's all an illusion, and that in reality, we are "all" just fine.


This world is a mirror into which I gaze -

To see the Divine,

My Beloved,

My Self.

To learn even more about Paige Bartholomew's work, be sure to connect with her on Facebook by clicking here!

Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: Anthropomorphism

Jennifer Sodini

The term anthropomorphism, was first used in the mid-1700s and derives from the Greek words ἄνθρωπος (ánthrōpos), "human", and μορφή (morphē), "shape" or "form".

According to Wikipedia: "Anthropomorphism has ancient roots as a literary device in storytelling, and also in art. Most cultures have traditional fables with anthropomorphised animals, who can stand or talk as if human, as characters."

It is defined as the attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being. A prime example can be found in the depiction of deities/God as being human in its form - but other examples also include the idea of ascribing human emotions/motives to nature (ie: Mother Earth, etc.).


Lesson of the Week: Creativity as Opposed to Competition


The lesson of this week is to be creators becoming creative to create together. Men are made to be strongest when they are bound together in arms. The arms we reference are not weapons, but the arms that have the hands you may hold together to form a stronger bond.

Allowing this to be your lesson, is to allow the hand you reach out to be met with another, so you may become stronger and more powerful through connection. You may think you are in this all alone at times, but you will be surprised what happens when you extend a will always be met with someone who is willing to help.

Allow and receive, worry and you will only wait. Judge others and you only judge yourself - give thanks to all men, and all men will be grateful to you.

The lesson to keep in mind is to always treat everyone as if they are your brother or sister, and allow creation to be your objective, not competition. Your belief in yourself will be met with belief from others, and if you open your hand and open your heart so you may be received well by all.

Spirit Animal of the Week: The Praying Mantis


The spirit to be the guide this week is the spirit of the praying mantis. The praying mantis is the made physical manifestion of the Godhead, as a living being.

This insect is worshipped in certain cultures and is believed to bring about a good omen, should it cross your path. The made ideal in letting this spirit be your guide is to allow your life to be in harmony with God.

God is a vibration, which signals love for all experience, and all life. God is mysterious in its ways, and not always easy to understand, but if you allow the beauty of all the blessings you experience to be met with a grateful heart, you will be able to see God in all you see.

The mantis is a mysterious, beautiful creature, who is gentle, but can just as easily take a life. This balance of beauty and force, mystery and fear is the made mystery of the nature of God in life.

Be aware, God is in ALL, not just this creature - but this being is a  lesson in its life, in its actions and enigmatic presence. 

The Astrological Significance of the Blue Moon on July 31st

Jennifer Sodini

Friday, July 31st, will be our second Full Moon of the month, but this particular moon is going to be a "Blue Moon". This title isn't necessarily because the moon is going to be blue (it's not expected to be), the Blue Moon primarily means it is the second full moon of a calendar month.

From NASA:  "Usually months have only one full moon, but occasionally a second one sneaks in. Full moons are separated by 29 days, while most months are 30 or 31 days long; so it is possible to fit two full moons in a single month. This happens every two and a half years, on average."

The astrological significance may bring up feelings of poor self-esteem, loneliness, and even depression. According to Astrology King

July 2015 Blue Moon Blues

"Jupiter square Saturn is the most difficult major planetary aspect for the next six months. It points to trouble brewing in love relationships which are already experiencing disharmony. Hopes and dreams for the futuremay differ to such an extent that compromise may be difficult to achieve. A difference in opinions or beliefs may be the cause of contention, or squabbles may arise over finances and shared responsibilities.

Saturn stationary retrograde about to turn direct is at one of its most critical points. It complicates relationships, deepening fears and anxieties, plus adds a dimension of karmic guilt or payback. Saturn aligns with the generally positive fixed star Toliman. However, this star can spoil relationships with women due to exceptional circumstances. This is obviously pertinent due to Saturn square Venus and Jupiter.

The beautiful Venus Jupiter conjunction is of course very fortunate, promising love and abundance, riches and happiness. Venus retrograde does cause some complications, with interference from previous lovers or distance within love relationships. Venus on the major fixed star Regulus is not a good omen for romance and brings disappointments.

More troubling is Venus square Saturn because it is one of the most challenging of all aspects for love and happiness. The result can be poor self-esteem, isolation, loneliness and even depression. Because of retrograde motions, this aspect stays within 5 degrees orb from July 4 to August 14, covering all of this moon phase.

Mars square Uranus is widening in orb at 4 degrees but will still be felt as impatience and irritability. Tempers could get out of control and risky behavior could lead to accidents and other unwanted happenings.

Given this two-week full moon phase falls under the influence of the stressful April 2015 lunar eclipse, it would appear that piles of crap are to be heaped upon piles of crap when it comes to maintaining harmony in relationships. Fortunately, the August 14 new moon looks a lot more promising for love relationships."

When you take into account that we are made of about 50-75% water, and look at the relationship between the moon and the tides, you can't help but wonder how this very same relationship affects our lives in conjunction with the moon. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of belief in astrology, we suggest taking time to be gentle, and really listen to your inner voice during this time period. Don't be too hard on yourself, breathe, relax, and be.

If any unsavory feelings present themselves, acknowlege them, and dismiss their presence - and if the mind becomes a little too "loud", tune out the static noise by meditating and remember you have access to all the wisdom you've always needed to know within your own consciousness (see video below). 

Evolve and Ascend + Presents: A Special Night of Art, Music, Games, Connection and Dancing with 'Time is Art'

Jennifer Sodini

Join us for an UNFORGETTABLE visionary evening with Evolve and and Time is Art! Tuesday, July 28th, at 7:30pm at 40 Broad St., NY, NY.

Featuring LIVE visionary shamanic painting by Mystic Campo, music, games, connection and dancing! Plus a talk from the CEO of, Bill Ottman, and a screening of an excerpt from the upcoming film, Time is Art.

RSVP by clicking here! $25.00 admission, or $10.00 admission if you bring artwork to display!

For questions, concerns, or directions...please contact us, by filling out the form below!

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Emergency Press Conference Being Held Tomorrow by NASA and S.E.T.I

Jennifer Sodini

We've just hear a rumor from a very reputable source that NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration and S.E.T.I. have called for an emergency press conference at 12PM EST tomorrow Thursday, July 23rd.

According to the source, "The Kepler mission has discovered an earth-like world called Kepler 452b. At a distance of 1,400 light-years away, Kepler 452b accompanies a star whose characteristics are very similar to the Sun: 4% more massive and 10% brighter. Kepler 452b orbits its star at the same distance as the Earth orbits the Sun. They are talking extraordinary potential atmosphere, water etc."

While this "discovery" is not yet verified, the notion of another earth-like world brings up the (very important) unanswered question, if there is life on this other planet as well. What do you feel this discovery could mean for humanity, consciousness, and our evolving world-view?

Post your thoughts in the "comment contest" below sponsored by Daily Nerve, and will we be sure to keep you updated as we receive more information about any of the latest developments.