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Sprouting from the roots and serving as a testament to the cultivation of one’s inner vibration, Dreadlocks are culturally and socially known as an alternative hairstyle and means of expression, yet carry far more potent meaning beyond the hair itself. The word itself connects the juxtaposition of two words, dread and lock, to bring to... / READ MORE /
Last week we began our new weekly series, which dives into the concept of practicing and cultivating Remote Viewing skills (see: How to Practice Remote Viewing). This week, we want to test the skills you’ve been tapping into with an exercise that will further strengthen your intuition, and challenge the “Eye Inside”. Testing Your Remote... / READ MORE /
Below is a collection of some of the most bizarre, and border-line insane inventions from the past. Ranging from phone-answering robots to photo-taking revolvers – this trip through history is quite literally, pretty trippy. Enjoy! Face cover to protect from rain, snow etc. Suspended Baby Cage Anti-tire puncture brooms One wheel motorcycle Hubbard Electrometer to measure... / READ MORE /
via: Lonerwolf.com Many of us know what it feels like to be wallflowers.  We are the pew-sitters that watch the preachers perform.  We’re the backstage-bunch that make the actors shine.  We’re the Teslas that give the Edisons the limelight.  But increasingly, introverts everywhere are embracing their low lying role in society.  We’re learning not to... / READ MORE /
Deep in the forests of the southern Siberian Kuraginsk district of Krasnoyarsk territory, in the small settlement of Petropavlovka – there’s a community of around 4,000 people that believe a man named Vissarion (aka: Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop) is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. The Vissarionites are about 10,000 in number worldwide, and their movement is known as... / READ MORE /
The video below contains the Reality Entertainment documentary about Billy Meier, a fascinating Swiss man who began having contact with beings from the Pleiades, the Plejaran, from the time he was 5-years-old. Debate rages on whether Meier’s stories are a hoax, or if he is in fact a modern day prophet relaying warning messages from... / READ MORE /
Artwork: “Mario’s Mandala” by Wanderweird As a child of the 90’s I grew up having fond memories of playing the Nintendo game, Super Mario Brothers, on the weekends I got to spend with my grandparents (my mother didn’t allow video games in our household). I remember the frustration with the original game because you were never able to... / READ MORE /
The video at the bottom of the article, features words by Jim Carrey orchestrated into a beautiful inspiring video that is both cerebral and cathartic. We are all human, but we must not forget that we are also spirit. No matter what culture, religion, or label you choose to identify with – the truth is that... / READ MORE /
“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” ― William Blake The illusion of all illusions is time. The master “magician” deceives us into pondering the past, or worrying about the future – when in reality, all that ever was, will be and can be is only now. We are all familiar... / READ MORE /
It’s Feb 12th, and thankfully Mercury is no longer in retrograde. Now you have the time to realign your thoughts, and get back to your present presence. During retrograde, Mercury appears to be falling behind you and with that, it seems our past becomes our focal point. It’s easier to reflect, because during this time our minds... / READ MORE /
As society continues to collectively wake up, and see the issues our current “planetary paradigm” is facing, one can’t help but initially feel a sense of fear, anxiety, and anger at the situation. However, these feelings need to be fleeting as it is more important to place your energy into solutions, as opposed to wasting... / READ MORE /
Huffington Post’s Dickipedia video series recently shared a profound, and dark truth about the founder of Bikram Yoga, Bikram Choudhury (see video below). As the humor is tongue in cheek, there is something that needs to be said about those who exploit wisdom teachings to service the ego and material gain.  There are “Prophets for... / READ MORE /
A few weeks ago an Instagram model named Essena O’Neill decided to quit Instagram after revealing the “life” she was living on social media was a lie (see video below). Opinions of her decision were polarizing…  ranging from some calling O’Neill “brave” and “inspiring” – while others questioned her true intentions. Wherever you fall on the spectrum in... / READ MORE /
Life is riddled with distractions and standards that lead us further into inaction. We seek media and technology as a means to escape the reality of our lives, whereas, that “place” is the greatest illusion created by man. Its been manufactured to promote our mindlessness, and satiate our desires by perpetuating ideals, concepts, and advertising.... / READ MORE /
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, 75, the best-selling self-help guru and author of 30 books, died late this Saturday. His family made an announcement on his official Facebook page, stating: “Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear... / READ MORE /
About two years ago, I decided to self-publish a children’s book I had written about cosmic consciousness, called The Unity Tree. Writing a children’s book on this topic is not an easy task by any means. You are walking on very thin ice, on very sensitive subject matter, and the delivery is of the utmost importance.... / READ MORE /
Shifting From Masculine to Feminine Energy in Our Emotional Expression by Mia Banducci If you’re reading this, you’ve can sense things are changing. The shift is tangible and difficult to deny. Planet Earth’s energy is beginning to transform in order to nurture commUNITY and empowered minds, as the harmful ways of the past get weaker... / READ MORE /