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Masha Orlov Discusses How to Stay in ‘The Know’ With Your Mind, Body, and Spirit During Quarantine Times

As part of our ongoing commitment to sharing helpful hints and ways to stay healthy, happy, and grounded during these quarantine times, we recently interviewed our dear friend, and creatrix, Masha Orlov.

Masha came into our life close-to-5-years ago and she’s been a beacon of light, love, creative inspiration, and wisdom. She is our absolute go-to person for wellness-tips and we are thoroughly convinced she has found the secret to longevity, and optimum health (mind, body, and spirit).

Her publication The Know Culture is one of our favorite online sources for art, culture, fashion, and consciousness – and it’s been an absolute joy to contribute from time to time (see our Know articles by clicking here).

About Masha:

Selfie in Paris on March 4, 2020 for Fashion Week

With an expertise in fashion, Masha Orlov‘s range of work is diverse, from costume design to creative consulting and trend forecasting, styling fashion shows, fashion shoots, music videos, advertising campaigns, TV commercials and feature films.

Her career started in Paris while studying fine art and french, Masha became assistant to Suzanne Koller, the fashion director of Self Service. After 2 years of styling and writing for Self Service, Masha moved on to become the fashion director of Crash magazine.

Since then she has contributed to such publications as Purple Fashion, Numero Tokyo, Garage, i-D, Vogue Russia, Teen Vogue, WSJ and Paper.

Masha has also worked on advertising campaigns and consulted for such brands as Issey Miyake, Alain Mikli, Jeremy Scott, Zac Posen, Christian Siriano, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Swarovski, Stussy, Ebel, CND (Creative Nail Design), Bobbi Brown, Il Makiage and Schwarzkopf

And she has worked with many musicians and celebrities including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chloe Sevigny, Bria Vinaite, Lykke Li and Sigur Ros. 

In 2015, she launched The Know Cultural Almanac , with her co-founder Viki Forshee, where Masha is Editor-in-Chief, creating content and creative/art directing photo shoots. The Knowis a new type of almanac: a printed annual forecasting journal that takes a deeply explorative approach to creative inspirations, innovative themes, and society’s phenomena. It is virtually unlimited in its potential scope of topics such as art, photography, lifestyle, fashion, health, environment, and many more. The Know also features promising, up-and-coming creatives with tremendous potential. The website connected to the magazine is : The Know Culture

Masha Orlov is currently based in New York.

SOURCE: MashaOrlov.com

Below, Masha Orlov discusses how to stay in ‘The Know’ with your mind, body, and spirit during quarantine times.

How have you been keeping busy through the COVID-19 Quarantine?

I have been keeping myself sooooo busy – I barely have time to shower or go out for walks.

Other than working on The Know Culture, I have signed up for two Jai Dev Singh courses, which are a lot of work. I know two is a little excessive, but when am I going to have so much free time to myself? One is an eight- week complete workshop in Ayurveda, and the other is a six-week Kundalini program called Dharmic Warrior: Arousing the Heart of Compassion. Right now is the perfect time to become a Dharmic warrior with expertise in Ayurveda.

Here are a few other favorite things to keep me over-occupied!


Instagram Live is amazing! Use social media for bettering yourself.

SOURCE: Ryan Heffington’s Instagram

Genius choreographer Ryan Heffington has a dance class 5 days a week that’s the best workout. Many of my friends in LA and NYC do it. He’s a great DJ, so the music is on point to shake your booty and work up a sweat.

SOURCE: Kathe Izzo’s Instagram

Earth Medicine Grandma Kathe Izzo does a 9 am-ish EST Kundalini class. It’s pretty basic and the best way to start the day! Take deep breaths, stretch out and love and bless yourself.


We are so lucky to be in the age of technology. Thank goodness that we have these tools of the gods to keep us in tune with the best existing wisdom. 

Yoga with Adriene is the best, especially for beginners. I have been studying yoga for over 20 years and I still love her basic and simple approach, especially just doing some sun salutations with her.

Every Wednesday night I tune into Astrology for the Soul by Kaypacha for a weekly astrological “Pele Report” (as it is called) on his New Paradigm Astrology channel. He is my favorite! So smart! I often listen to the report more than once during the week.

Then there are all the theoretical programs about what is happening with the pandemic. If you watch the news all the time- stop, because there is a lot of theory there too, plus it’s fear-mongering. Open your mind to different points of view. 

Have you watched the 5 hour David Wilcock special called The Great Pandemic II : What’s Really Going On? It’s great for background while cooking and cleaning. 

Also, check out Magenta Pixie, she’s got great theories as well as meditations.

And last but not least! I love Joe Rogan! I like watching him on YouTube as opposed to listening to the podcast.

Let’s talk about food/nutrition! What are you putting into your body to stay healthy?

Some of my supplements and powders, excluding all my loved and needed tinctures and tonics.

We are here for a while! So, don’t you want to come out this looking better than when the pandemic started?

I am on a soft cleanse, going to work my way up to a full detox and maybe a 3 day fast in between or at the end. (And then might add a kidney or liver flush as well, but that’s me being next level again.)

Sounds intense right? But it’s fun to challenge ourselves, especially since we have nothing else to do.

First, I cut out alcohol 10 days ago, then smoking marijuana a week ago. 

Now for the last 5 days, I have cut out sugar except for fruits.

Craving chocolate? Get Amazing Grass Green Superfood, the chocolate flavor is delicious and super healthy.

I also plan on cutting out fruits and wheat eventually.

I am taking a bunch of different supplements, and for sure immune-boosting ones to keep myself healthy. Going to keep the list simple, because I take over 20 supplements a day!

Getting Volvic water straight from the source during a weekend excursion to Auvergne region in France. March 10, 2020 photo by Edouard Paturel

For immunity:

Wellness Formula (get it, and keep it in your fridge always)

Vitamin C


Colloidal Silver

Probiotics (yes probiotics help with immunity by dispensing the bad stuff out of your gut. Covid-19 sits and grows in your gut too, so by taking probiotics, you rid your intestines of the virus.)

For daily upkeep:

B complex

Calcium & Magnesium 


Vitamin D (also said to combat COVID-19)

Udo’s Choice Omega 3 6 9 Oil

For more extreme types such as myself :


Evening Primrose Oil



Plant Collagen 

Hyaluronic Acid

Also, I have products from Anima Mundi, Sun Potion and Life Spa Organics. Everything they make is amazing!

Then I have more stuff I add to shakes and also my supplements for my cleanse.

Through my nutritionist, I am ordering a 21-day detox from Standard Process, that I will start when it arrives. If you don’t have a nutritionist, it is also available on Amazon.

After that, I will hopefully do a vegetable broth fast for 3 days – will also drink tons of detoxing teas and water. You can also do a Master Cleanse with cayenne, honey/agave, lemons, and water, which is less expensive and tastier due to the sweet, tart and spicy combo. Be very careful if you do these – you need to really ease your way in and out of the fasts, as I am doing. You can make yourself sick if you don’t ease in and out!

Also, if you do a fast, please get a colonic after as soon as hydro-colonic therapy offices are open again.

What music are you listening to?

I love listening to Mantras! They are meant to raise your vibration and mellow you out. My team, who are not spiritual, are very happy when I have the mantras playing- they say it chills them out and makes them happy. See, it works, even for people that aren’t into this kind of stuff.

My favorite is the “Devi Prayer” by Craig Pruess & Ananda Vdovic.

I also love the band White Sun and how they sing the mantras “Ant Na Siftee”, “Rogan Tay” and “Bahota Karam.” All these are on Youtube.

Do you like to shake your booty? Do you like Dancehall? (I love Caribbean Dancehall!!!) Soundcloud has the best Dancehall mixes- and my fave is “Dancehall Party 2017-2018” by DJ Hol Up.

If you are more into Soulful House, Ibiza resident DJ Stevie Keys “Why Nam Vol 8 Colours of Love” mix from a party in Thailand is phenomenal. Great for dancing by the pool when summer comes, so of course great at home for getting things done too. Soundcloud has the best mixes!

My favorite guided meditation with music is Ram Dass & Boreta called

Any podcast suggestions?

The only podcast that I listen to is Rebecca Conran’s weekly energy report. I am so in tune with what’s going on energetically, it’s great to listen to her put our collective feelings into words.

Best sources for news?

I am an avid follower of current events and Democracy Now! is how I get my information to all global events. Just 15 minutes of their headline news in the morning and you will know all the top stories happening in the world. Right now, the top story is COVID-19 and I am sitting here writing to you from the epicenter.

Pray and Stay Safe!

xoxo Masha

Learn more about Masha Orlov’s work by visiting her official website and checking out her publication, The Know Culture.

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