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Our Body is Our Spacesuit, Chart a Course for Self-Care

I often refer to our human bodies as our spacesuits.

We are, after all, in space, to some extent, and the body we have is the suit within which we experience the material world. It is the alchemical container for the inner work of the mind and spirit, and the skin and its appendages are the boundaries we use to distinguish and recognize ourselves and each other. 

What I often see forgotten is that our skin is an organ, the largest one we have. It weighs approximately 6 pounds and stretched out flat would cover nearly 18 feet. A piece of skin just the size of a quarter contains 4 yards of nerves, 25 nerve endings, a yard of blood vessels, 100 sweat glands, and over three million cells. It maintains our body temperature, secretes liquid waste as an elimination organ, and allows us to feel pain, pleasure, pressure, temperature, texture. 

As a holistic esthetician, I’ve been up close and personal with many a person’s skins and watched my own change and evolve as I age or transition my life in some other way.

Just like any other part of our bodies, as a part of our greater whole, the skin is affected by everything we do or expose our whole selves to.

Exercise, diet, stress, relationships, products, air quality, sun, light, water, seasons, smoke, energy, joy, hunger, love.

SOURCE: @marylyntaylor

I recently watched a targeted ad explaining how stress affects the skin, only to end with a product sales pitch that claims to target stress. But internal stress of the mind and spirit cannot be solved by slathering on another product the name of some social construct of beauty. 

So how do we really manipulate our spacesuits to form what we each perceive as beauty?

What if it’s not in a product touted by the latest celebrity It-girl? The tech world is creating new tools while the product world creates new potions in what feels like an already endless scroll of options.

So, what works?

In this new beauty column on E+A, I’ll be getting into all of it, especially how to work with herbs internally for radiant health from inside out throughout the seasons, and how our skin is a mirror for the orchestra playing beneath at all times.

So tell us, what do YOU want to know?

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