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Beautifully Haunting Collection of David Bowie’s Self-Portraits

Today (January, 8th), David Bowie would have turned 73-years-old. Unfortunately, Bowie passed of liver cancer in 2016, but the loss of this icon still reverberates through many a creator, fan, and lover of the Bowie legacy.

For those who may not know, beyond being a talented musician and actor, Bowie was also a skilled artist and painter.

Some time ago, his personal collection of paintings were put up for sale and cataloged on this website, which has all of the artworks made by him since the ’50s.

Below, browse a selection of some of Bowie’s most hauntingly beautiful self-portraits.

Which portrait do you resonate with most?

H/T Aural Cave

Self-portrait. 1978
Self-portrait, 1980 (year of Ashes to ashes)
Self-portrait, 1994

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