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Check Out the First 10 Episodes of the Radio Amenti Podcast!


Embracing the eternal now. Where minds and timelines merge. Inspiring synchronicity, awakening potential, and making sense of change.

Radio Amenti is a podcast, which is hosted by Jennifer Sodini, founder of Evolve and Ascend and author of Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook.

Radio Amenti intends to be a conversation amongst friends and colleagues, as opposed to the typical interview format. Guests discuss life, death, sex, consciousness, psychedelic states, dreams, spirituality, the imagination, and more.

The first ten episodes of Radio Amenti are now streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes, and feature interviews with visionaries, artists, authors and epic (epoch) minds! New episodes to be launched in the coming weeks and will feature conversations with…

and more!

Check Out the First 10 Episodes of the Radio Amenti Podcast!

In this solo-cast episode Radio Amenti’s host, Jennifer Sodini, explains the “why” behind the intention of this transmission, and the “cost it takes to walk the path.”

In this episode, Natalee Miller talks about the inception of her art and creativity, the inevitable bumps in the road on the path to becoming who you’ve always been, the power of no, cosmic balance, the ridiculous amount of spiritual bypassing that the consciousness space is riddled with, and (of course)the Genesis of Amenti Oracle.

In this episode of Radio Amenti, Cory Allen discusses the path to self-realization, his new (and amazing) book Now is the Way, the importance of laughter, and the hysterical absurdity of life itself.

This conversation with Damien Echols is filled with wisdom, as we explore what magick is and isn’t, the interconnected nature of all things, and how even through adversity and the dark night of the soul on the hero’s journey, the light will always prevail.

In this conversation Valeria the Mexican Witch discusses her recent trip to Rythmia, healing with ayahuasca (and DANCE!!!), the importance of radical honesty, authenticity, and much more.

In this episode, Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive discusses PTS (and dropping the ‘D of “disorder”), ayahuasca, synchronicity, intentional language, reducing stigma, creativity and more.

In this conversation, Rajie Kabli discussess New Science, our holographic universe, the power of the heart, The Seven Essene Mirrors, magick, how Theosophy came into our lives, cycling through dimensions with the power of our minds, and much more!

In this episode of Radio Amenti, Champ Parinya gets super vulnerable as we go down some deep rabbit holes, including memes as messengers of meaning, Dharma, Dzogchen practice, my encounter with an unidentified flying object, and The New Earth + Great Awakening.

This episode of Radio Amenti features a panel discussion from WITMA (Well-being in the Modern Age), where Jennifer Sodini hosted a conversation with Taraka Larson, Mitch Horowitz, Nick Onken and Melinda Lee Holm on The Imagination on October 19th, 2019 at Contra Studios in NYC.

In this episode of Radio Amenti, Melinda Lee Holm discusses the magick of tarot, beauty as ritual, healing from trauma and transmuting the lessons into your life’s teaching.

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