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Salvador Dalí’s Tarot Cards from 1984 Are a Delightful Dip into The Surreal Subconscious

Salvador Dalí designed a deck of surreal tarot cards in 1984 that was intended to be used as props for the James Bond film, Live and Let Die, but due to contractual agreement issues, the cards were never released.

“Combining the occult with his own unmistakable sensibility, Dalí’s tarot is a pastiche of old-world art, surrealism, kitsch, Christian iconography and Greek and Roman sculpture.”— openculture.com

Dalí spent 10 years working on the designs, and the limited-edition version (which includes Dalí as the Magician, his wife Gala as the Empress, and the death of Julius Caesar is reinterpreted as the Ten of Swords) of the cards came out (and sold out) in 1984.

Recently, a company called Taschen re-released them as a full 78-card set, along with a book by German author Johannes Fiebig about Dalí’s life, the creation of the cards, and an instruction manual for use.

To learn more and purchase your own copy of the deck, click here.

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