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Using Philosophy to Work Through Triggers and Defense Mechanisms

Manly P. Hall was an esoteric philosopher, whose scope of wisdom was seemingly endless!

In the course of his lifetime, Hall published over 150 books, gave thousands of lectures, and is responsible for one of the most dynamic occult books out there, The Secret Teaching of All Ages.

What triggers you? Why does it trigger you? What purpose does a defense mechanism serve. When we get defensive what insights can be gleaned about our internal nature. Can our defensiveness help us learn more about ourselves and the world?

Source: MindPod Network’s YouTube channel

The video below features a talk by Hall on triggers and defense mechanisms and offers a profound perspective on how we can learn from them.

This talk has been restored, remastered and edited for audio clarity by Noah Lampert, founder of Mindpod Network.

What did you learn from this lecture and how will you apply it to your life and journey of self-discovery?

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