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Deck Review: ‘The Knowing’ by Ciel Grove



Source: The Knowing

The Knowing is a gorgeous new oracle card deck, described as a “shamanic deck of wisdom” by Ciel Grove.

“Ciel is a traditionally-trained and initiated Shamanic Practitioner + Artist living in central British Columbia, Canada. Taught and/or recognized by teachers in the Lakota, Huichol, Aymara, Tibetan + Haida traditions, Ciel has been studying and practicing the medicine of Knowing for over a decade. She is called an Ilpho in the tradition of her first teacher—a spirit of the Trees—and her work is that of healing relationships, both those we form with our inner vistas and those we sustain with the outer world.”

Source: TheKnowing.ca

The world around and within us is always attempting to tell us that we belong. We just have to remember how to listen.”

Source: The Knowing

This project was conceived in 2012, after Ciel and her teacher received a message of confirmation to create this divinely guided work.

Each of the images in the deck was created using a ballpoint pen, and features a number, animal spirit, plant, element, and/or body part, guiding word, or affirmation.

Beautifully crafted, the potent wisdom with this deck speaks to the mind, body, and spirit. Alchemically unlocking the power of the subconscious, with symbols that awaken and inspire.

Source: The Knowing

The Deck includes:

  • 55 coloured oracle cards
  • 150-page Guidebook
  • Sliding-lid pine box for storage

The cards are easy to shuffle, and incredibly pleasing in-hand. I really appreciate the correspondences between the spirits of the animals and plants, and feel as though this tool is a great addition for daily meditation, insight, and unlocking your latent intuitive gifts.

The spread below features some of my favorite cards!

Photo by Jennifer Sodini

We highly recommend checking out (and working with) The Knowing, which you can purchase by clicking here.

**DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated for this article. The deck was given to me for review by the creator, and all opinions therein are my own.***

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