China’s Psychic Children

China’s Psychic Children have caught the attention of both the government and the press worldwide for the past 25 years. With abilities comparable to that of a superhero, these children might have a strong message to share with our world. From reading the pages of books with their eyes closed to inducing the bloom of a flower, their abilities have a higher potential. As the term Indigo Child, Rainbow Child, and Starseed Child become more familiar, it is possible they are here to alter the destructive path our society has constructed.

Psychic Youth:

A 2011 CIA report shares various stories regarding the psychic children. For example, a young boy named Tang Yu saw two symbols in his head while he was walking with his friend. His friend pulled out a cigarette packet and revealed the same symbols. Yu decided to play games with others in his town by having them write something down while he guessed the figure. As word circulated in China, other children began to come out with the same abilities.

Scientific Research: EHF and Qi

The chinese refer to these abilities as extra human functions (EHF). Some of these EHF include the ability to read with armpits, feet, abdomens, and even the end of a pigtail.

Qian Xue Sen, former professor in Jet Propulsion at Caltech returned to China in 1955. His work was responsible for aiding China as the third nation in space. His fascination with EHF in children led him to successful advances in his studies. Sen later received a call from scientist, Stanley Krippner. Krippner is a well respected parapsychologist. His work has led him to the Soviet bloc and now China to research.

Sen and Krippner set off to Beijing to study with physicist Harold Puthoff, physician J. Tashof Bernton, psychologist Thelma Moss, and a handful of grad students. Various scholars from Beijing Medical College, Beijing University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences explained how qi works in relation to EHF.

Qi is a psychic energy that runs through the body. Just how blood runs through our veins, qi runs through electrical channels. Children who possess EHF abilities are tapping into their qi through their skin.

“If EHF turns out to be a reality, the obvious question will be why it took so long for scientists to become convinced… As late as the nineteenth century, for instance, scientists vehemently declared that meteorites could not have originated in space. Today we know that they do. It is possible that EHG falls into a similar category.”

Marcello Truzzi, China’s Psychic Savants, 2011 CIA Archives

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