The Cosmically Cognitive Creations of Lifestyle Designer John Brevard

John Brevard is the force of nature behind a unique lifestyle brand, which integrates fashion, design, technology, jewelry, and accessories with the sacred patterns, which govern the heavens (and earth).

With a keen eye for geometric design infused with the fractal nature of reality, each creation appears as though you are wearing a tangible part of the universe, a sacred sentiment that expresses the infinite through intelligently artful craftsmanship.

“A fractal is a way of seeing infinity.”

– Benoit Mandelbrot

Each construction is a conduit for the consciousness of the world soul embodied through a harmonious, holistic, and hopeful blueprint of a regenerative future.

John Brevard Philosophy

“Through the early development of our species, humans were embedded in nature and lived off of the land, along with other animals. In this primitive, pre-personal fusion state, there was no distinction between self and environment; we were instinctually absorbed in a dreamy immersion and oneness with the biosphere. 

As we evolved self-consciousness, humans began to set themselves apart from the world and reflect upon, conceptualize, and analyze their experience. This disassociation of humanity with the natural world was the underlying cause of environmental degradation and conflict at all scales. 

Our culture at present seeks a higher integration, which lies beyond the man versus nature dualism. Individual and collective perception is progressively shifting, and a new baseline structure of consciousness is emerging.

This cognitive thought characterized by the realization of interconnectedness. As this transcendent state of
being emerges, the distance between man and nature, and self and other, begins to dissipate.

This is exactly what Brevard intends to communicate through these works. Inspired by a deep ecological awareness and transpersonal experiences beyond the realm of ordinary consciousness, Brevard uses art, design, and experiences to reflect the architecture of consciousness and to point the way to an integrated world culture.”

John Brevard’s Philosophy


“We embark on a journey to connect & reveal the relationship between natural patterns and the human experience. Our goal is to provide an experience where people can interact with these landscapes and connect more deeply with themselves and the world around them”

– John Brevard


“Architecture is a reflection of humanity’s predominate world view.  As the collective consciousness of sentient beings further shifts into higher frequencies of awareness, design and architecture will reflect this shift.  In some ways we are witnessing these changes now as building fabric begins to no longer serve as a barrier but a uniting element.  Space is no longer the unit which holds the physical body but rather a medium through which information is dispersed. A rise in multidimensional architecture will culminate parallel virtual spaces to exist simultaneously.  This development in architecture could potentially widen perception and accelerate mass media into altered states of electronic communication.  Operating at a macroscale, the internet is accelerating globalization into a new hybrid condition which the global network proliferates and the link between local and global has disintegrated. 

On an individual scale, architecture impacts collective perceptions by manifesting and formulating a spatial construct with which the observer interacts.  If planners and architects develop strategies to create interactions with nature, hyperspace, and other sentient beings through a spatial experience, the architecture will ensue as leverage for subconscious change.  Additionally, the electromagnetic fields created by these digital constructs should be taken into consideration due to the fact that they have an effect on the human energetic field.  Ideally this connection would be further examined so the subtle energy is positively engaged by the spaces.”

John Brevard’s Architectural Theory

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