Psyched Out: A Documentary About the Healing Potential of Psychedelic Medicines

Like the Hindu goddess Kali, the process of evolution moves in a cosmic dance of creation and destruction. The magic of this momentum of movement can at times make the illusory world of the life experience feel like a bit of a hallucination.

Technology (and the potential for AI) is evolving at an unprecedented rate, but at the very same time our offline neural networks are in their own state of rapid-pace evolution as “organic technologies”, such as plant medicine, are trickling in to the collective main-stream consciousness.

Some may go so far to say that we are living in a “Psychedelic Renaissance“, and if this is the case – the conversation, and creations revolving around the subject matter are seeming to expand and evolve with the speed of thought.

The time to dialogue, and dive in to the healing potential of psychedelics as a tool for transformation, and medicine for mind, is now. The more we speak of the ways we can serve nature, by allowing nature to service us (in mind, body, and spirit), the greater service we are doing for the world at large.

Organic Technologies?

A wonderful new creative conversation about this great potential for evolution by transformation with the organic technologies within entheogens such as psilocybin and ayahuasca has surfaced in the way of the Timewheel exclusive documentary, Psyched Out.

Giovanni Bartolomeo, the creator of the film and founder of Elemental Wellness Studio in Toronto, elucidates on his own journeys with otherworldly experiences, while weaving together the tapestry of stories from three unique people who have also found the unlikely path to healing with this “road less traveled.”

Psyched Out: A Documentary About the Healing Potential of Psychedelic Medicines

Watch the trailer below, and to see the whole film click here!

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