The Alchemy of Human Experience: TRANSMUTATION

Deep in the midst of actively or headlessly living out our singular human lives, it is often subconsciously dismissed that we are living on Planet Earth which inhibits over seven billion idiosyncratic human beings who are experiencing life in their own meaningful and individual way. Portraying a variety of worldly-wise perspectives and a wide range of emotions such as intimacy, grief, pain, suffering, happiness, mindfulness, enlightenment and depth, the manner in which Director, Niles Heckman, and Writer, Neil Kramer, examine human life throughout their documentary, Transmutation, from both a cinematographical and philosophical lens serves as  a mesmerizing and emotionally-charged source of inspiration for viewers of all walks of life. Blending the seemingly irrelevant with the divine within sweeping landscapes, prophets of perseverance and thought-leaders experiencing oracles of optimism envelop viewers with unshakable mesmerism that subconsciously draws the individual deeper into their center. Rooted from the cultivation of the willingness to seek beyond societal walls to reveal diverse ways of believing and being, Transmutation is a potent source for psychological healing.

It’s during those quiet and intimate moments surrounded by open natural spaces while within pauses of time when it’s easier to connect to our spiritual core and transport into a state of alignment that carries mystical attributes that we as human beings subconsciously extend outwards within our interactions. Rather than shrinking into places outgrown, the human connections and panoramic mental views that Transmutation shines a bright light on doesn’t steer from dark places, yet subconsciously reminds viewers that now is the time to dive in and work their way through, whether developmentally prepared to or not. Threatening the ways in which modern-society organizes reality and expressing perspectives from a place of bravery and conviction, Transmutation leaves the writing on the walls for viewers aching for a sense of equilibrium. Cognizant of their discomfort and the projections of fear that can sporadically arise from time to time, these human lives take pride in being there for themselves in the hole of the cosmic black and showcase both the capacity for and development of courage to live out a life of compassion.

Paradigm-smashing epiphanies stemming from connection with divinity leads human beings to challenge the familiar and known which in turn serves to broaden and awaken the whole. Transmutation showcases the art of tapping into someone’s mind and stepping in their shoes within an enlightening documentary and view that is abounding with soul-baring vulnerability.  Questioning the way in which both you and fellow individuals operate subconsciously leads to the opening of the mind and the refusal to stand for the ways of being that is correlated with modern man. The human experience is eternally a private experience, independent of external validation or expectations. We’ll leave the meaning behind this next line up to you – there is no such thing as a perfect landing, therefore, why not take the leap? It is time to exercise being your own safe space. Grant yourself an unreserved yes to take value-connected steps toward embodying your highest and truest self. Uprooting normality was the intention behind this documentary, Transmutation, but then again, what is normal?


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