Work Your Light: An Illuminating Conversation with Author, Rebecca Campbell

Healing inner wounds and plunging deep into the thick of her life, Author/Spiritual Teacher, Rebecca Campbell, has ignited her light and transformed ancient insights into bejeweled wisdom that serves her life practice. Developing heart-centered connections with individuals around the world, Rebecca sees beyond the physical and her multidimensional practice aids in elevating and softening the human experience. I caught up with the kindred spirit to discuss the upcoming release of the ‘Work Your Light’ oracle cards, life experiences that have led her toward turning her light on, morphing her highly-sensitive personality into an influential tool to heal others and more.

Work Your Light: An Illuminating Conversation with Author, Rebecca Campbell

Congrats on the upcoming release of your ‘Work Your Light’ oracle cards. What influenced your vision and led you toward creating your deck?

As a lot of sensitives tend to be, I am highly visual. Through a lot my meditations, I have been seeing these cosmic, heaven and earth images for quite some time. I have worked with decks a lot over the years. I had always longed to have the visions that were in my mind extend outward in real form.

I actually just received the first print and I did use the deck for a event over the past weekend in which I did mini readings! It was such a cool experience working with my own cards as oppose to cards that someone else has created. I’m sure that anyone else that has created their own cards has had that moment. I think that the experience that I’m feeling when I am using the ‘Work Your Light’ cards and the energy that I am using to activate the cards is powerful. My work is really about activating energy within others, and particularly so with this deck.

Activating – I love that. You mentioned being a highly-sensitive human being. How do you perceive that your empathetic and introverted nature aids in your abilities to heal others?

I personally think that most creative and intuitive people are introverted. It is about getting in touch with the inner world. I perceive that as highly-sensitive people, we need to ground ourselves as much as possible.

I remember as a little girl, I didn’t really understand my sensitivities. For example, I remember feeling bad if I wanted to spend time in my room, yet I have come to realize that I was simply fried from picking up so much energy around me. I really do feel that with the creative process, whether it is creating art or the intuitive process of going in and hearing the whispers of the soul, it is quite a soothing experience. As you go in and begin to translate your feelings and visions, it elevates them; it translates those feelings and visions into a grounded outcome. I think that there is something really grounding about it. We are constantly picking up the visions. We are constantly picking up the feelings. And if we are able to transmute them into art, it has a life of its own and begins to make sense.

Indeed. It is cathartic. We as human beings are all subconsciously picking up energy from every experience. Whether you are driving a car, going for a walk, going to pick up groceries or immersed in a deep yoga practice, you are picking up energy. The mere ability to be able to transmute this energy into art is so healing.

Absolutely! You are making me think about this beautiful Illustrator that I worked with on the cards. The process of Danielle and I working together was so healing. I created a mood board for each card and then she would take each board and in turn, create the most beautiful art. We were just in tears at times. I recall a moment in which she paused and told me that she felt as though she was the only one who saw these visions and things as such.

That’s beautiful. Coming in human contact with your soul family enlightens the human experience and truly does uplift your spirit and vision.

That is so true.

What life experiences led you toward turning your light on?

I think that I was born a bit awake. As a teenager, I had big awakenings and it began to really make sense. It all led me down the spiritual path of discovering past-lives and discovering the journey of the soul. As far as actually properly stepping in and working my light, which I think is being committed to showing up within the light, the thing that really triggered me to properly work my light was hitting rock bottom.

I think that every human being on this planet hits that rock-bottom moment at some time. I recognized that the way that I was living and the journey that I was going down was so dark. Whether it is the loss of loved ones, the loss of career, the loss of an old way of being that is no longer, people reach a moment in which the human self and the mind begs for mercy and that rock bottom moment invites the soul to step forward and lead. Rock bottom turned into an opportunity for me to work my light. I had to. I was just so deflated. It was the first time that I was ready to properly commit to turning on my light every day. It became non-negotiable. It is often that when we don’t feel like turning our light on, it is when we most need to.

Absolutely. It is also the time in which we as human beings can choose to shift our mindsets towards one of compassion for our current experience while knowing that we have the tools to create a more fulfilling experience for ourselves. From the outside looking in, let’s walk through your perception of what you desire for individuals to encounter within your ‘Rise Sister Rise’ program?

Rise Sister Rise is the journey of the soul. It is indeed about the rising of the sacred feminine within both men and women, but it’s really the rise of the ancient soul. I started Rise Sister Rise for us to gather and do deep soul work. It’s for those who are deep-sea divers and yearn to touch and taste the ancient gifts of their soul. There are a lot of activations and initiations. It is for those who appreciate beauty as well.

Yes. Beauty beyond the surface. I did observe that there is a waiting list for your Rise Sister Rise program. Do you maintain the friendships and connections that you build within the program?

Yes, absolutely. We are all together, on the program, every single day. We do a yearly retreat to sacred lands as well. We have been going to Glastonbury which is known as the portal of avalon. It is so amazing to be together within such sacred land. I invite some of my friends who I have connected with to lead with me. This is the second year that we are doing it. Observing and supporting the women that are answering that call is a phenomenal experience. I am always blown away by how ready these women are to commit.

How fulfilling to observe your influence serve to aid in another shedding a layer of skin that no longer serves their life journey.

Yes, that’s the thing. As you dive into soul time in comparison to chronological time, that is where all ceremony and ritual happens. That is what we are really gathering around and within our sisterhood.

Utter integration. What is your idea of a life of happiness?

Oh, such a great question. A life of happiness for me is when my soul is calm, which means that I have had the courage to answer its call. I think that when the soul is calm, you see the beauty around you. The beauty of a flower within nature brings you right back to your soul space.

Yes, such cyclic nature; it brings you right back to your roots.

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