An Intimate Conversation with Finnish Artist/Illustrator, Durian Addict

As the core of her being is encircled by an aura and golden glow that tugged her from the inside out and lead her down the path of her heart’s desire, Finnish Artist/Illustrator, DurianAddict, creates art like a child, freely and brimming with ecstasy. As an introverted mind who finds themselves immersed in the midst of creation rather than the hands of time, DurianAddict celebrates every meticulous detail with a pair of childlike eyes. Divine remnants of her multifaceted musings are being drawn onto previously abandoned empty sheets where a variety of faces invented by an illimitable imagination are typically ubiquitous within DurianAddict’s daily life. I caught up with the artistic human being to discuss the inspiration behind the illustrations, making a major life-change and moving to the states, a life of happiness and more.

An Intimate Conversation with Finnish Artist/Illustrator, Durian Addict

First and foremost, introduce yourself to our readers. If you could metaphorically compare your artistic style to any characteristics of an animal, which animal would you choose and why?

Hi! I’m a Finnish Artist & Illustrator, T Fallon aka Durianaddict, located in Indiana. I use mostly markers to create colorful illustrations of women with long wavy hair. I would compare my artistic style to the characteristic of an insect, maybe an ant or bee – I like to spend lots of time working on tiny details.


If you could spend a day drawing in the company of one human being, either dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

I’m an introvert and I love to work alone. I can’t think of anyone specific to draw with, though it would be nice to have an artist friend to draw and chat with once in a while! Being an artist and working from home can be very lonely sometimes.


Tell us about your psychedelic experiences that you have encountered which have shifted your approach within your artistic endeavors?

Moving to the United States has been my most psychedelic experience and it has forced me to think what I want to do with my life.


Have you healed or shifted your perspective of any pieces of your life experience through expressing yourself through your drawings and illustrations?

I have realized that drawing is a very meditative and a healing experience in general. If I’m in a bad place mentally, it’s usually because I haven’t been drawing for a while. Drawing and creating has become a very important spiritual practice for me and I know that it is time to take my pencils out if I’m feeling down or restless. It works every single time.

If you could share the soundtrack to your life in three songs, which three songs would you choose and what do they each mean to you?

My Husband is a musician and I’m a huge fan of his music!

My favorite songs by IV the Polymath are “Saw it happen”, “Saw it happen II” and one of his older songs “The Recipe”. “Saw it Happen” was one of the first songs my husband played to me after I arrived to the USA, from his ‘Never Quit’ album. It brings up lots of memories of our time living in Arizona. My husband’s music has really inspired me to be more creative and experimental with my art too!


I perceive that your work draws viewers into a spiritual realm of mystery. How would you describe the visions within your mind while bringing these pieces to life?

Usually when I start a new piece, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just start sketching, and something comes up. I’m into Fantasy, Sci-fi, Mediation, Law of Attraction and colorful, pretty things so that’s usually what I’m thinking about when drawing. There is not always a deep story behind each piece to be honest, I’m a visual person and I just draw what I think looks good to me.


Tell us about your journey moving to the USA. What do you perceive are the greatest cultural differences between life in the states in comparison to life overseas?

I met my husband on Facebook almost three years ago. I quit my job, sold my apartment and everything I owned and came to meet him in July 2015. I soon figured out that I knew that I was here to stay. It has been a very hard but rewarding journey.

The biggest cultural difference is how compassionate, loving and encouraging people are in the USA. Even total strangers are usually very friendly and give compliments. This has had a huge impact on my art, because I don’t think I would have ever even started drawing if I didn’t move here and get so much love and support from the people around me.


What projects are you working on currently and look forward to working on through 2018?

I’m currently working on making more tutorials and timelapses for my Youtube and Patreon. I’m also working on my second coloring book (I released my first coloring book Trippy Chicks in November 2017). I’ve been feeling really experimental lately and I look forward to trying out new media for example oil painting, watercolor and even sculpting. Do you have any words of wisdom that you can share to spark inspiration with artists who are just beginning to dabble into drawing/illustration?

If you want something you can get it. Work hard and never give up. Practice daily.


What is your idea of a life of happiness?

To be able to do what I love the most (draw).


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