The Benefits of Cryotherapy & The Ice Guru: Wim Hof

Riding the natural high of kinesthetic awareness and the increase of mental and bodily energy through pranayamic breathing, The Ice Guru, Wim Hof, has created his own rules and developed beyond a looping state of mind which has led to the experience of the life-enhancing benefits of immersion in subzero environments. Frigid conditions are a sanctum for the man who is the holder of 20 Guinness World Records for prevailing against extreme temperatures and showcasing to both himself and the world that what we as human beings are able to live in an more unbound manner through challenging our preconceived beliefs. Deviating from standardized courses without armor while under the acknowledgement that the body will one day morph into a corpse, Wim Hof has created the ability within himself to perpetually have instinctual bliss rippling through his being. Challenging himself beyond societal beliefs of the body and the mind’s limits through embodying and becoming a living, breathing testament of the benefits that are reaped through individual thought, Wim’s inclination toward divergence contributes to the proof behind the salubrious advantages that stem from existing beyond our web of thoughts. The appetite to live and breakthrough stagnant energy burns within the thought-leader whose neurotic streams of consciousness nibble at the edge of madness. As an explorer and true-life adorer whose native optimism does not bend nor break, Win casts spells and offers his life experiences in the form of influence which motivates human beings to recognize their competency to increase their quality of life and take responsibility of their existence by becoming their own guru.

Offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their wellbeing and commune with our bodies in an intimate manner, Cryotherapy is taking flight as a potent tool that aids in taming our overactive nervous systems and restoring our vital life energy. Purifying and rebooting the senses, Cryotherapy practices vary yet in modern times have become the experience of stepping into and enduring between (minus) 200-300 degrees within full-body chambers (with your head sticking out) abounding with cooled vaporized liquid percolating through the caverns of our fears and infusing individuals with copous benefits beyond the skin. The rapid decrease of temperature on the surface leads to deeper penetration into damaged tissue along with accelerated healing in a variety of forms including cellular renewal, cleaner and more oxygenated blood, and the increase of optimal energy and vitality that aids in our quests to fulfill our desires and everyday activities. Triggering detoxification and remedying the bodily aches and pains that come with increased athletic training and muscular activity at the speed of lightning, Cryotherapy is the natural healing mechanism that elicits an analgesic effect from the release of endorphins that creates optimal functioning of our metabolic and anti-inflammatory processes.


Tasting the fruit of surrender through taking the plunge into our energetic patterns leads to the  activation of a profound depth and sense of internal comfort. Through the release of energetic tension stored in the body, human beings subconsciously create space within the mind where colors are luminous and equanimity carries the cosmic spirit of relaxation. We live on Planet Earth where the opportunity to face our inner sleet, hail and snow through holistic practices is becoming the game-changer that boosts our aptitude to prioritize our internal and external goals. Through Cryotherapy, electrifying clarity rips out our  inner narratives and pierces into the marrow of the bones to transport our minds into a space of nothingness. Each individual has a choice to live internally tantamount to a brand spanking new hardtop convertible. You possess the switches, electrical supply system, gauges, meters, ignition, headlights, tail lights, starter and battery; claim your mastery. You are the fully loaded vehicle.

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