Balian: A Candid Glimpse into Balinese Culture and a Transcendental Reality

Activating the healing powers of the earth’s medicine combined with holistic practices, nomadic filmmaker and photojournalist, Marko Randelovic, has revolutionized his relationship with society which has led to the creation of a cinematic universe of healing and compassion throughout his film, ‘Balian’. Exploring dimensions of the sacred existence of seasoned Traditional Healer, I Gusti Mangku Sumantra, and telling the tale of his dedication to healing human lives ever since the 1970’s, ‘Balian’ serves as a candid glimpse into Balinese culture and a transcendental reality that is mending physical and mental illnesses. The insatiable longing within Marko to incorporate visual elements and philosophical energy that both strikes a nerve and evokes emotion within viewers serves as a testament to the breadth of curative wealth that is within the Balineses supernatural practices. Beyond a distinctively unique eyeball explosion of aesthetics that don’t miss a beat, ‘Balian’ awakens viewers of the modern-age to the traditional healing practices that I Gusti Mangku Sumantra is alive to aid in maintaining in respect to Balinese culture and the healing power of plants.

Observing and learning his Father’s ancient wisdom through both sharing life and the ancient book of Usada, I Gusti Mangku Sumantra has long incorporated elements of familial traditions with monk-like focus which led toward his inclination to carry on the tradition and make the decision to carry on his Father’s responsibility once he passed in 1973.  Written with a carving knife and made with a palm leaf from a lontar tree, the Bali Usada has aided in gifting I Gusti Mangku Sumantra with the intuition and skills that were formed by his ancestors through a study of classic texts (uosadas) of healing. Leading through the heart with a benevolence that is rooted in purity, I Gusti Mangku Sumantra heals and creates organically altered states of consciousness within those who enter his space with zero expectations of fiscal compensation. The techniques that I Gusti Mangku Sumantra incorporates both into his daily practices and the healing of others aids in the navigation of the invisible world of spirit, and allows human beings to lead themselves toward embodying and actively partaking in a new and liberated way of living.

Our bodies are in constant communication addressing the concerns that must be corrected to design and rediscover our clearest channel within, and clearing our energy fields of interferences that leads us to discover our highest soul level. We are human energetic portals that are rich in dimensionality beyond the skin and unleashing our numinous essence through the therapeutic forces of nature subconsciously showers us with joy and laughter in the hollows of life. There is a wholesomeness laced within the quantum unfoldment of humility, gratitude, community and peaceful awe throughout ‘Balian’ that pours forth a radical dynamic that invigorates viewers to take the necessary action toward getting in tune with the rhythms of nature. Although the process of taking responsibility for ones energy is an individual process and experience, traditional healing reveals the subtle layers that emblazon the choices that can be made toward leading a life of ecstatic awareness. Are you ready to emerge from the ashes and take action toward expansion?

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