Chor Boogie: Evolving Consciousness Through Art, and Transforming Reality With Love

Creating multidimensional pieces of visual art that leave observers enamored in contemplation, critically acclaimed spray paint artist, Chor Boogie, has created a meaningful existence by learning to swim along the way. Between his artful brush and the abstract whimsicality that comes to life through his transformational compositions, there is a palpable force and connection beyond the physical that serves as the raw fuel that is poured into Chor’s creative engine as he utilizes spray paint as means to open the sanctuary of the human soul. I caught up with Chor to discuss the evolution of his artistic approach and vision, expressing love through very facet of his existence, his endearing relationship with his life partner and more.

Exploring Life, Love, and Art with Chor Boogie



JG: The murals that you create are striking due to the breadth of emotion that is palpable and rich with your own idiosyncratic energy. What significant life experiences have led you into wanting to transmute your inner being into your artistry?

CB: I have always had a connection to my soul when it comes to my art, and honestly if the work doesn’t come from the soul—then the real question is, what is it? Being grateful for being born is my life’s experience that has led me to my soul, and from there I communicate my inner being with my artistry.


JG: Your style is unique, abstract and chromatic on the external yet showcases layers of emotive personal experience. How has your vision evolved over time?

CB: My vision has evolved over time to express more love and balance into the work, I would have to say. I am always challenging myself and taking my visions to new heights and levels consistently.

JG: As you have painted throughout the world, the physicality of your paintings becomes a subject. What are some of the most fascinating perceptions of your work that have inspired shifts in your initial intention behind the pieces?

CB: The most fascinating perception leading to inspirational shifts has to be my soul’s perception when I experienced the plant medicine iboga for the first time. This definitely brought some new dimensions and intentions to the work, but as I said before, I express a balanced perspective when it comes to my work; informed by the past, present, and future. The polarity between the forces of LOVE & HATE create the primary balance, and the viewer is invited to contemplate the TRUTH, which will dictate which side you choose. This is my ultimate intention behind my work.

JG: Do you perceive that art correlates with human consciousness?

CB: Art is human consciousness, in its essence. If it were not, we wouldn’t have all the amazing creations that humans have made since the beginning of time. Honestly, a good portion of the human consciousness on this planet does not know this because of ego and pride, but I’m sure if we did, we would respect life a whole lot more than we do.

JG: Tell us about your initial meeting with your beloved, Elizabeth. How has connecting with her enhanced both your artistry and personal life?

CB: We balance each other on all perspectives in life. My art is my first love and my art is ME as well. It was there before my wife. Now, Elizabeth is apart of the LEGACY, but at the same time I treat her like I treat my first LOVE, with the same sort of love and dedication I give to myself and my art. I LOVE how she is a part of my life and how she pays 110% attention to her own life at that same time, and that is key in a relationship because she can share that with me and I can share that with her.

JG: Do you stumble upon times in which you come across a nudge or a feeling in which you have to paint? As though you’ve gone through an experience throughout the day where no matter what, you have to let it out on the canvas.

CB: Yes, and sometimes that feeling comes not just for visual art, but for anything that I feel like I need to create, from music to practicing Krav Maga to learning the tradition and practices of the BWITI. But being that the art is the subject at hand, I have it under control; I don’t need to kill myself in order to get a concept out. I JUST DO IT WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. I’m not going to rush the creative process, because if I do then my work would be like many others, and I wouldn’t stand out with my own ORIGINALITY—and to me that is most important when it comes to the creative process.

JG: If you were sitting at a table with a child who was uncertain of the path that they currently desired to take in life, what tidbits of wisdom would you bring to their attention?

CB: Don’t eat yellow snow, even if it looks like a snow cone!

My two cents of wisdom would be to LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED TO LIVE IT. Listen to yourself at all costs, no matter what, and make sure you are 110% correct  with yourself and your soul. Then life should just FLOW.

JG: Are there any particular cultures that have influenced your aesthetics?

CB: The original SPRAY PAINT CULTURE which I call MODERN HIEROGLYPHICS; this is also connected to the Hip-Hop culture and other music genres. These have had a major influence on my aesthetics. That said, I know that these cultures are originally tied to African culture, and that has definitely influenced my life—coming back to the roots and relating it with the American culture I live in.

JG: What can admirers of your work look forward to over the remainder of 2017 and into 2018?

CB: Big things every year for me and my wife, and I’m grateful for every moment of it. I have a dream that shall come to fruition: creating the FIRST physical museum in the USA that caters to this genre of art and its relations called the MUSEUM OF MODERN HIEROGLYPHICS.

JG: What is your perception of a life of happiness?


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