Real Life Psychokinesis? The Curious Story of Nina Kulagina

Claiming to have possessed psychic powers all her life, it wasn’t until the last 20 years of Nina Kulagina’s time on Earth where researchers began to take a closer look at her psychokinetic abilities. Using just the power of her mind feats like moving nails across the table to stopping the heart rate of a frog quickly garnered a lot of attention. She spent a majority of her life serving in the front lines of the Red Army during World War II. It was her psychic abilities that left the largest mark and brought her international fame.

Despite the wide fascination revolving around her talents there were an equal amount of skeptics. Some claim that the conditions in which she performed were far from any acceptable scientific manner. For example, most of her study performances were conducted in her home or in hotel rooms. There were limited controls applied which frequently led others to assume she was a fraud.

Due to the skepticism, experiments were to be held in laboratories. Kulangina requested meditation as it helped clear her mind and focus. She would also report a sharp pain in her spine and blurring of eyesight.

Research in Psychic Warfare During Cold War:

During the Cold War silent films were produced where Kulangina was captured using her mind bending abilities. It has been said that the films were made under controlled conditions in an attempt to show the west that the Soviets were more advanced and to stir excitement worldwide. Did Nina posses psychokinetic powers or was it all a show?   Kulagina passed away in 1990 taking the truth with her.

Today parapsychologists continue to study the science behind psychokinesis through various measurements and research cases. In documentary, NOVA: Secrets of the Psychics, a variety of phenomena are studied while questioning the reasons why we are so fascinated with these systems. NOVA: Secret’s of the Psychics does a great job at exploring the ways in which the human mind is fascinated with answering the big questions in life and our need to feel in control.

My high school physics teacher used to always say, “It’s not magic, it’s physics.”

In a way physics is magic and its wonders wait there for those who dare to explore.

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