33 Songs That Provide a High-Vibe ‘Set and Setting’ For a Psychedelic Journey

Visionary Art by Luis Tamani

Timothy Leary was well-known American psychologist and writer whose life’s work revolved around advocating the exploration of “inner space” through the use of psychedelic medicines. He truly believed that the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions could bring humanity to new levels of consciousness, awareness, and spirituality.

One of the concepts Leary became quite famous for was the notion of “set and setting” when it comes to penetrating the deeper layers of the mind and psyche with psychedelics. By cultivating an ideal set and setting before entering into the psychedelic experience, you are more apt to experience a pleasant journey – as the “set” refers to the mindset you bring into the situation (ie: mood, desires, feelings, thoughts, expectations, intentions), and the “setting” is the physical or social space you take your “trip.”

Emotional and environmental factors are the indicators of whether or not the time you spend exploring your inner landscape will work with you, or against you, and it is of the utmost importance to feel a sense of safety, familiarity, and comfort.

The music you choose for your “set and setting” can be a key guide to providing consolation and comfort during your journey, and we’ve taken the liberty of creating a playlist with 33 songs that we feel will unlock a positive, high vibe experience for your journey.

The playlist is available to listen to on YouTube below!

Are there any songs that speak volumes to you during your journeys? Feel free to comment and share your suggestions in our Facebook group.





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