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The Spirit Cats Oracle Deck is the Purrfect Way to Connect to Your Intuition

Psychedelic illustrator Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats oracle deck is the perfect tool to connect to your intuition and inspire your imagination

There are moments in life when our intuition seems to be calling to us through walls of concrete that we just can’t seem to hear through. Thankfully, for these moments we have oracle decks.

There is something that separates an oracle deck from tradition divinatory systems like Tarot, Runes or I Ching.  Where traditional divination sometimes leads to more difficulty and confusion, an oracle deck brings sharp clarity and clear focus to your situation.

Because they don’t require a foreknowledge of a mystical system of symbols, the messages that one receives from an oracle deck are heard loud and clear. Or make that purring and playful, as is the case of Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats oracle deck.

The Spirit Cats deck is not only one of the most inspiring, imaginative and original oracle decks out there, but a bonafide work of creative genius. In 48 cards, Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats tell a story of healing creativity and guiding intuition.

Nicole’s ethereal watercolors enchant the spirit like a psychedelic Beatrix Potter, and her words provide a sage wisdom of intuitive guidance like a mystical Maurice Sendak. It’s storytime for your inner child when pulling a card from the Spirit Cats deck.

The story of the deck’s genesis is a genuine tale of spirit coming into matter.

While working as a professional illustrator for corporate clients, Nicole would dedicate ten minutes at the end of the day to personal drawing time. Ten minutes eventually morphed into an hour. In those creative hours, strange cats began to emerge in the watercolors. And so she decided to draw a cat every day for a month. Every time she drew a cat, it came with a message. The series was wildly popular on her Instagram feed, so she took it to Kickstarter and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to get it printed on high-quality paper stock and beautifully packaged in a solid box.


“[Growing up] my inner world was really rich,” Nicole reflects on her own childhood.

“I was always really fascinated with stories. There were a lot of things that I experienced that other people weren’t seeing or hearing. Also, I had a lot of really strongly dreams and daydreams… I started speaking really young but I don’t remember this. My mother says that when I was one and a half year old I was already speaking in paragraphs and I would tell these elaborate stories. She was like, ‘Where are these coming from?’”

“I had a lot of supernatural experiences when I was really young,” Nicole explains.

“My mom would come into my bedroom when I was like two or three years old and find me standing in the middle of the room, in the dark watching invisible things move and she would say my name and I wouldn’t respond… so apparently I started out already having one foot in this world one foot in the other world.”

“There was no doubt it all blended together,” she continues. “And then as I got older it became a little more clear to me in terms of what was consensus reality and what were the extrasensory things that I was experiencing.”

“I like to use chance and chaos when I create,” Nicole says of how she finds her inspiration.

“Sometimes I’ll close my eyes, go to my bookshelf and pick a random passage out of a random book. Then I’ll pick another random passage from another random book and ask myself ‘How do these two passages go together?’ I did that a lot with the Spirit Cats.”

“If I don’t have a creative outlet, I feel unwell,” explains Nicole on the importance of creativity for self-healing.

“Maybe I’ll feel safer, but way more stagnant,” she continues.

“That energy builds over time and can make me feel really terrible. It’s a dark, stuck feeling. I think that when I am dipping into creativity, it’s that life force. It’s dipping into life itself. It can be scary–I don’t know what’s gonna happen and I might fail, but something really magical could come through… I think the energy of engaging in creativity, the energy of engaging in making something is very healing in itself because it lifts you up out of that safe-but-stagnant energy that can happen.”

Nicole’s Spirit Cats are amazing guides that will help you tell your own story of healing through creativity and self-discovery through intuition.

The Spirit Cats are a unique work of art that belong in any collection of oracle card decks. Get lost in their ethereal beauty and find yourself in their curious messages.

Visit nicolepiar.com/spiritcats to learn more about the Spirit Cats oracle deck.

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Article originally published on Phenomenalisms.com

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