The Martial Arts and Magic Mushrooms Connection

Kilindi Iyi, a renowned expert on martial arts and magic mushrooms explains their fascinating combined history. This article illustrates some of Kilindi Iyi’s life work to understand the connection between martial arts and psychedelics.

Martial arts is a practice that trains both the body and mind. It requires a deep spiritual connection with the universe combined with clear access to unharnessed universal energy. These are just a few things that martial arts shares with the experience of psychedelics.

In fact, for many, only the violent aspect of martial arts separates the two. For Kilindi Iyi, there is no separation.

African American martial artist, Kilindi Iyi is a psychedelics researcher and lead instructor at Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. He is also their technical adviser and frequently speaks at psychedelic conferences. Iyi is redefining what was once thought to be a barrier between martial arts and psychedelics. His life is dedicated to teaching the world about it.

Kilindi Iyi involvement in psychedelics began as a quest for a deeper understanding of martial arts and its origins. In martial arts, certain plants are believed to provide great powers. By using psychedelic plants in specific ritual, he attained greater prowess, in both the physical and psychological sense. He’d begun his journey of discovery.

He began his journey not knowing where to begin. There was no written evidence or body of knowledge to base it on. He, however, still discovered many of the formulas for secret power potions. Some were maintained by African martial arts masters, and others by magicians. Each of them had the common ingredient of magic mushrooms – more specifically, psilocybe semilanceata.

Kilindi Iyi claims that Africa provides the oldest evidence of human mushroom use. He also identifies many of its compounds in a variety of healing rituals, and age- based initiations. The chemicals from magic mushrooms were also utilized by those in power in their dealings with apprentices. In fact, this ancient magic-mushroom influenced system is still used today.


In the psychedelic community, there is an understanding that the ability to take a dose of 30 grams or more is heroic. Kilindi Iyi has reached that dose. This amount of psychedelics will not cause physical overdose – you can’t overdose on magic mushrooms. However, using that amount of psychedelics brings about significant mental hardships. Hardships that only a highly skilled and trained user can withstand.

Kilindi Iyi described how difficult they can be, saying the “realization of the aloneness” is the hardest part. When at this level, there is absolutely no light, which he describes as troubling.

“Once you lose the primal consciousness and move into that primal darkness that’s so dark, it has no black to it. That’s one of the hardest things.”


With his heroic doses, he’s been able to reach a variety of psychedelic realms and hyperspaces. During his trips, he receives deep martial arts knowledge. This is not unusual since many psychedelic users access the knowledge they already have an interest in. Therefore, it is no surprise that Kilindi Iyi’s love for martial arts put him exactly where he needed to be to learn about them.

With each increased dose, he reached new possibilities – unseen realms, each holding their own reality and knowledge.

While some psychedelic explorers believe in a peaceful and loving universe, Kilindi Iyi does not advocate that idea. While he believes they are part of the experience, he claims there are also negative sides as well.

During his trips, Kilindi Iyi observed the mysterious and magical forms of martial arts. He used that time to learn about them, observing forms of mythical martial artists such as Hercules or the characters in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Many accept Kilindi Iyi’s experiences as valid, but there are still some that dispute it simply because it cannot be reproduced.  He responds to nay-sayers saying:

“I’ve had my chances in real-life real-time I would have thought impossible that I could’ve done, that in my belief, in my understanding, that came out of the entheogenic training that served me in the physical realms. Be it guns or knives or police abuse or whatever way you like to look at it, it served me in the modern world.”

Next Steps

Those wanting to learn more about Kilindi Iyi’s thoughts on martial arts and psychedelics can view his lectures on YouTube. His book called “Towards an Organic Singularity,” is also in development.

Some caution: if you are thinking about entering the psychedelic realm for any reason, you’ll need to be careful. Do not rush through the process and go into it with open eyes. It is an exploration that at some points can be very scary.

During a trip, it may feel like you are lost in a deep, dark ocean, fishing for a small bit of information amidst a vast nothingness. But it’s not the little thoughts you must focus on, it’s the bigger ideas that will truly feed your soul.

Terence McKenna, a respected expert on psychedelic trips, suggests that those bigger ideas are what’s needed to change humanity:

“It’s not for your elucidation, it’s not part of your self-directed psychotherapy. You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea because our world is in danger by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”

In other words, your trip may not make you a better martial artist, but it may help shape mankind.

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