The Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Following a Naive Dream

In the summer of 2013, after answering an intuitive calling to journey to Costa Rica and experience ayahuasca, followed by a series of synchronicities – I decided to take a trust fall, and follow my dream of creating a media platform that shared spiritually enriching content, but was driven by a creative ethos/aesthetic. The idea was to cultivate a synthesis of art and consciousness – and when describing Evolve and Ascend, I said it was “Where the Library of Alexandria meets Andy Warhol’s Factory”.

Although I took some classes at the community college by me, I opted not to finish or pursue a degree…everything I have learned has come from direct experience, or my own studies – every experience I have had, has been the direct result of timing and will.

I had previously worked as a blogger for a celebrity’s viral pop culture website, a job I got because of its own set of synchronicities that were stranger than fiction, but never had any formal training in developing a website from scratch, or getting my message out into the world – without the support of a large network. 


I knew I needed to follow this calling, because for the first time in my life – I felt like I had no other choice but to pursue this path, it truly felt like my destiny. Within every cell of my body, within every fiber of my being, I knew this was it. As an intutive person, who has been guided by dreams since time immemorial – I accepted the mission spirit presented.

“There is nothing more powerful than a naive dream.” – Yossi Ginsberg

At the time I had all of my money tied up in Bitcoin, and was using the trading platform Mt.Gox to grow my assets, with the intention of using those funds to fund Evolve and Ascend – and to take the year ahead of me to make it all happen.

I’ll skip all of the intricacies and details (and save that story for my book), but needless to say – I wound up losing all of my money over night after Mt.Gox was “hacked”, which pretty much lead to one disaster after the next.


I kept asking this very question. Why? Why did so much bad happen? Why did I feel called to follow this dream, only to lose everything, and experience the darkest moments of my life? Was my intuition playing some type of cosmic joke on me? Why didn’t all of what I read about The Secret and the Law of Attraction immediately allow my dream to become a success? Isn’t it that easy? To just think it into being?


What I came to learn, by not giving up on my dream, no matter how many tears I shed, no matter how much I wanted to say f*ck it/forget it, no matter how much adversity came my way – is that nothing worth having comes easy, and while your thoughts do create your reality (to some degree) – perserverance through the trials is ultimately what makes success worthwhile.

It takes time.

It takes guts.

It takes a courageous spirit, and an undying love for your creation.

With that being said, I would love to share what I’ve learned in the past few years – about the struggles of following your dreams, and why (no matter what) you should never give up on what you love. Keep fighting that good fight, because in time – everything falls into place, it just takes patience and keeping an open heart through the face of adversity.

What I Learned From Following a Naive Dream

It may feel very lonely at first.

But, it’s ok.

Eventually you will find the others.

Give it time.

Lao Tzu once said, “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

A single seed planted, eventually becomes a garden in time – when things get tough, tend to the garden in your mind.

You will cry.

The water from your eyes helps that garden grow.

Emotions are a gift.

“Keep facing your true north.”

You may lose friends

But, you’ll begin to find your fans

Eventually your fans become your friends

Eventually your former friends may understand.

But, if they never do – it’s OK, love them anyway.

You will get judged by people who don’t “get it”.

It’s ok.

 Not everyone needs to “get” your journey, because it’s yours and yours alone.

Love them anyway.

Your family will probably (almost certainly) give you a hard time.

It’s ok.

We experience time different than our elders, and the generation after us will experience time differently as well. 

Generation after generation has its own set of struggles and programming…
Ideas of what is “right” and “wrong”.

Don’t let it deter you from your path.

Love your family.

Love them fiercely, with all of your heart and soul.

Don’t judge them.

In the beginning you may lose more money than you make.

It’s ok.

Money comes and goes.

The cost of claiming value comes with the time you invest in your dream.

Eventually the price you paid for your investment pays off.

Be patient.

You’ll definitely have (major) breakdowns.

You’ll question why you started.

You’ll get angry/sad/scared/resentful/jealous/frustrated.

You’re human. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Break-downs lead to break-throughs.

You may compare yourself to others, and feel insecure about your own worthiness.

Don’t be too hard on “others” that you perceive to have “made it” before you.

There is no “other” – we are all human and all have our own set of struggles, even when we “make it”, nothing is ever perfect and the illusion of the internet can be a mirage.

Be gentle.


Don’t judge. 


With that being said.

There is a lot of snakeoil out there. 

There is no quick fix, and no click-funnel program that will make you a success overnight. 

Be patient.

If you feel called to enrich your knowledge, expand your education and find tools for your spiritual toolbox, do it!

But do research.

When hiring a coach. 

Do research.

When starting anything.

Do research.

Anything worth having takes time.

Anything worth learning takes time.

Everything – takes time.

As cliche as the saying “This too shall pass” is – it’s valid. It’s true. It’s pretty f*cking spot on.

View your trials as tests of your strength, your will, your passion. 

No story is effective without a low point before the climax.

View the gradients of adversity as the colors that paint your story, and the power of experience as what makes you a great teacher, creator, philosopher, entrepreneur, artist, and human.

Everything works out eventually.

I promise.

I promise, because I went through it and understand.

I came to know…

That the only way out is through.

And through it all…

I came to know…

It is the “naive” dreamers that will change this world.

And there is no dream too big.

And there is no dream too small.

It is better to follow a naive dream, than to never dream at all.

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