Big Pharma Disrupted? Grass-Roots Psilocybin Treatment is Here

Secretive and disobedient startup “Red Pill Therapy” is de-centralizing psilocybin therapy with a disregard for unjust laws. Currently operating out of Copenhagen (Denmark), microdosing-assisted conversational therapy is already a thing there, but very soon we can expect it taking place all over the world.

WitchEmoji is described as:

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The guy behind “Red Pill Therapy”, let’s call him Pete, had been in and out of conventional therapy for years, before stumbling into a psilocybin trip that changed the course of his life. But let’s backtrack a bit… To 2004: Just after 9-11 and the dot-com bubble, but before ISIS and the subprime mortgage crisis. For Pete however, this historically in-between period was defined by ill health, shocking diagnosis, and a maltreatment that lead to a methylprednisolone-induced psychosis, at the ripe age of 20. Luckily he regained his sanity quite “quickly”.

After a month in a closed mental asylum, he made a comeback to reality, albeit “a gradual one” he recalls.

“First of all, I had to come to terms with my new MS-diagnosis under the worst possible conditions, coming down from a manic-spree that lasted weeks —due to the much-too-large dose of the medicine I was given… Then I had to face the reality of what that meant for my future, all while being imbalanced with depression, and locked up with truly disturbed people around me…”

Always an entrepreneurial soul, he managed not so long after to get back to work, and to some extent redeemed himself. He was comforted by the mild prognosis the doctors gave his “noncuring” MS-treatment, that greatly benefitted from the fact of very early diagnosis, and thus, (proper) treatment thereafter. Just seven months after his release from the mental asylum, his was studying Philosophy and Economics at Copenhagen Business School, not far from the hospital he had been locked into half a year earlier. At the same time he started up a laptop-webshop targeted at his fellow students with a very friendly price-point. But he was of course also still battling a lot of hardship on the side. He soon leant that depression is one of the most common symptoms of MS, and accepted a life-long need for therapy, as his MS apparently was chronic. He tried antidepressants, but quit them due to felling numb and impotent. He had a few short-lived attempts with various psychologists and psychotherapists, before meeting the right one, and was content with the therapy she had to offer, which suited his needs and appetite for years.

But Then He Went For a Vacation in Amsterdam…

Completely as a joke he bought some legal “magic truffles” thinking they were nothing but a silly touristy gimmick, akin to the legal “herbal marijuana” he had tried (with no effect other than a foul taste), while studying a semester abroad earlier in his life. Almost a month after his visit to Amsterdam (now 30 years old), the so-called truffles that he had safely stored in his fridge, were getting close to their expiration date, so he spontaneously grabbed the two small containers, along with a sixpack on his way out to meet up with a friend, one random Friday night in the center of Copenhagen.

His friend thought the taste af the truffles were too grim to partake in the otherwise amusing experiment of eating them, so Pete ended up eating three quarters of the two batches, of which each were enough for two people.

His mind was blown. Accepted his own death (didn’t die). Experienced a different, more real than real, reality. Had the time of his life. The entire next week he experienced a rush of joy, contentment, productivity and a level of self-sufficiency he never knew was possible.

Many people react with an urge to share the experience with the world, as in “everybody should try this” —but researching just how badly things could have gone, Pete deterred from that urge. Instead he fired his therapist and began microdosing 0.2 g of psilocybinin mushrooms every fourth day or so, and he hasn’t been clinically depressed since. He even believes it has helped against his MS, as he has regained full motor-neurologic capacity again. “Only two things are known to science that can create new neurological pathways” he says with excitement, “meditation everyday for 20 minutes for many weeks; and psilocybin… Psilocybin is just so much more instantly gratifying” Following the scientific research about the massive potential psilocybin has for curing depression for a long time, provided Pete with both hope and impatience. Ultimately his impatience grew to cynicism and destain towards the powers that were keeping the potential for tremendous and lifechanging benefit to humanity, in check-mate.

The governments of the world coupled with the profiteering interests of big-pharma was too much to bare, so he had to act. But he knew he had to be disruptive to make a difference. He had to make something similar to the illegal mp3-sharing network Napster, that cleared the way for the legal iTunes app. Just like Napster in some miraculous way initiated something illegal (but vastly more effective) which in turn became legal, he had to get people around the world to stand behind a vastly more effective way of alleviating depression, no matter what the law said. “The war on drugs is bullshit anyways, and good people are good people everywhere, so why not utilise that” was his thought, when he began brainstorming a decentralised grass-roots community around psychedelic therapy.

The result was Red Pill Therapy, and can be found at: http://www.redpilltherapy.org/

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