The Quintessential Guide To Quartz For Jewelry Makers

The earth is packed with beautiful natural resources, and quartz must rank among the world’s most precious treasures. Though inexpensive to buy and abundantly available, quartz comes in a rich variety of colors and makes for a brilliant addition to any piece of jewelry.

Quartz is available in almost every color, and some types are even multicolored. Jewelry makers the world over have been designing stunning quartz pieces for many years now. You may create a necklace, ring, bracelet or anklet to go with every outfit, match the tones and shades and have fun playing with all the  different types of quartz gemstones.

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Geology And Sources

Quartz is the earth’s most common mineral, and it is made of two parts oxygen and one part silicon. You will find quartz in a variety of rocks, including igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

Many different landscapes contain quartz elements and you will come across quartz in the mountains, on beaches, in rivers and in desserts. Today’s main quartz sources are located in India, Brazil, the United States, Colombia and Madagascar. Alpine quartz mines have been largely exhausted, and you will only rarely find pieces in European mountain areas.

Quartz is usually mined using explosives and small hand tools like rock picks and chisels. Because quartz is temperature-sensitive, most miners try to extract quartz deposits by hand, rather than by using explosives.

The internal structure of quartz is hexagonal, giving it beautiful definition in jewelry pieces. In essence, under the microscope, quartz resembles a snowflake.

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Quartz Uses

Smoky quartz isolated on white

Thanks to its electrical properties and chemical inertia when in contact with most substances, quartz is a highly versatile substance. Quartz is utilized in glass manufacturing and electronics, while quartz sand is used as an abrasive, in the petroleum industry and in the manufacture of paint, rubber, putty and construction materials.

Quartz has hardness and a beautiful variety of colors. This is why quartz gemstones have been extraordinarily popular among jewelry makers the world over.

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The Power Of Quartz Throughout History

Stones and quartz played an important part in the history of every culture. Depending on each culture and society’s history, geography, spiritual beliefs and traditions, a wide variety of meanings and powers have been attributed to each type of quartz.

From the Romans to the Aztecs, the Greeks, and the Native American Indians, right through to all other cultures and societies, gemstones have exerted a magic and magnetism rarely encountered elsewhere. To this day, many of us believe in the power of gemstones, and all of us adore the natural beauty and astounding light inherent therein.

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The Healing Power Of Quartz

Throughout history, quartz has been renowned for its healing properties and has been utilized by complementary therapists and energy healers because of its energetic properties. Many people choose particular types of quartz to fine-tune their energy fields and optimize the flow of chi energy through their body.

Fluorite, quartz, obsidian, rose quartz gemstones on wooden board

Crystal therapy is also thought of as an effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments. During treatment, crystal therapists place quartz pieces on or near clients to enhance their energetic well-being and free up potential energy blockages. The wearing of quartz necklaces and bracelets is also thought to be health-enhancing.

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Introducing A Rainbow Of Quartz Gemstones

With countless beautiful colors and tones, quartz is indeed a jewelry designer’s dream! On the list below, you will find the most commonly used quartz gemstones, all of which provide you with style, glamor and grace.

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Rock Crystal

Transparent and free of any impurities, rock crystal is no doubt one of history’s most mythical stones. Large rugged pieces of rock crystal are stunning in shape and structure, invoking a sense of power and might. The magical powers of rock crystal have been portrayed in countless legends and stories and continue to fascinate its beholder.

Crystal therapists proclaim the purifying and energizing qualities of rock crystal.

In jewelry, rock crystal provides a timeless look of grace and elegance.

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Amethyst geode isolated

Undoubtedly, amethyst is the most popular quartz gemstone. It is both transparent and beautifully purple and is available in an array of tones and hues.

The dark-colored amethysts are the most sought after and priced slightly higher. Once ranked among precious stones like ruby and emerald, the discovery of countless amethyst deposits all over the world have made this stunning gemstone easily affordable.

Legend describes amethyst as having the power to dispel drunkenness, and amethyst is often used to enhance creativity, intuition and understanding. With this in mind, creative jewelry makers have crafted the most stunning pieces of amethyst rings, necklaces, bracelets and much more.

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Lemon Quartz

Also known as citrine, lemon quartz is transparent and yellow in color. Because citrine is rather rare, gemstone traders frequently produce citrine by heating either smoky quartz or amethyst. The heat-treated citrine is often darker in color than natural lemon quartz

Throughout history, lemon quartz was revered as a sunstone and thought to provide protection. In crystal therapy, lemon quartz is utilized to boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

Lemon quartz rings, earrings and pendants provide an intense yellow brightness with soft undertones.

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Strawberry Quartz

When quartz has red iron inclusions, the gemstone features red needle-like elements and is known as strawberry quartz. It is rather rare, but very beautiful indeed. In some instances, the inclusion can only be seen under a microscope, and such gems are predominantly dark pink in color and possess real depth.

Strawberry quartz is associated with feelings of abundant love. Because of this, strawberry quartz jewelry makes for popular romantic gifts.

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Milky Quartz

Just as its name suggests, milky quartz is white in color and is also known as snow quartz. Though perhaps rather plain when compared to other types of quartz, milky quartz jewelry can be stunningly simple and exquisite.

Milky quartz is also often used to clear the mind and to enhance meditation skills.

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Rose Quartz

Undoubtedly, rose quartz is one of the most popular quartz gemstones. It is abundantly available throughout the world and much loved by jewelry designers. Rose quartz is also known as the love stone.

You can buy large pieces of rose quartz, spheres, wands, beads, cabochons and a wide array of rose quartz jewelry at extremely affordable prices. Though perhaps not as sought after by makers or expensive jewelry because of its lack of transparency, rose quartz is ever popular among gemstone fans.

Crystal therapists propagate the use of rose quartz for emotional issues and matters of the heart. And regardless of the occasion or the type of rose quartz jewelry you wear, rose quartz always gets quite a reaction and continually invokes positivity.

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Rutilated Quartz

Close view of rutilated quartz

Though transparent, rutilated quartz features needle-like fine inclusions crisscrossing each other throughout the gem. The inclusions vary in color, ranging from black and gray right through to lighter shades of brown. Depending on the number of inclusions, the gemstone can take on the color of its inclusions or may resemble a rock crystal, laced with needles.

Fascinatingly, rutilated quartz is often also referred to as Venus-hair stone, simply because the inclusions often resemble golden hair.

Crystal therapists also use rutilated quartz for purification, guidance, transition and energy.

Rutilated quartz is extremely varied. Each piece is uniquely beautiful, and the jewelry is stunning, creating an air of true elegance.

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Smokey Quartz

Smoky quartz is transparent like rock crystal, however, but it has a smoky hue, and its colors range from light gray to barely black. Darker smoky quartz is rare and can be quite expensive.

Interestingly, smoky quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland and was widely revered among the ancient Druids. Smoky quartz was also thought to promote loyalty and friendship. Crystal therapists use smoky quartz for purification and grounding.

Smoky quartz jewelry creates an air of mystery and sophistication. Thanks to its transparency and discreet colors, smoky quartz jewelry can be worn to complement any outfit.

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Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated quartz can be transparent blue, brown, red, yellow, pink, lime and black. Legend has it that tourmaline got its abundance of color by traveling along the rainbow. Widely traded since the 19th century, tourmaline is a much sought after gemstone.

Tourmalinated quartz is slightly different and resembles rutilated quartz. It features similar inclusions; however, these inclusions are black in color. In a nut-sized piece, you may find hundreds of fine, needle-like inclusions making tourmaline a truly stunning gemstone.

Every piece is uniquely beautiful. Black tourmaline is completely black as if though the gem consisted entirely of inclusions.

In crystal therapy, tourmaline is used to strengthen the body mind and spirit.

Jewelry makers use different tourmaline quartz in rings, necklaces, bracelets and much more, often playing with different colors and shades.

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Ametrine is a fusion of lemon quartz and amethyst in one gem. The combination of yellow and purple in different grades make each piece of ametrine quite unique.

The only commercial ametrine mine in the world is in Bolivia. It was discovered quite late and has only been mined commercially since the 1980s.

At times, ametrine is produced by partially heat-treating amethyst, however, this practice is rather uncommon. Though there is only one viable ametrine mine in the world, this quartz gemstone is still quite inexpensive.

Metaphysically, ametrine is thought to promote spirituality and courage.

Ametrine jewelry is quite beautiful due to its unusual coloring. Each pendant, ring, and piece are different and a medley of ametrine beads combines into a stunning bracelet or anklet.

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Chalcedony And Agate

Macro mineral stone Chalcedony on a white background

Chalcedony is a microcrystalline quartz and features compact layers of different colors. Agate belongs to the chalcedony family of quartz and is also a microcrystalline.

Bands of varying colors characterize it, and it is compact in color and stunning to look at. Carnelian, tiger’s eye, moss agate, onyx, chrysoprase and sardonyx are all essentially varieties of chalcedony and come in a wide variety of different colors. Both chalcedony and agate varieties are available in many places throughout the world, but because of their beauty and richness of colors, these quartz gemstones remain ever popular.

Carnelian is red-orange, moss agate is white-green, onyx is jet black, chrysoprase is stunningly green, sardonyx is white with mossy-colored strands, tiger’s eye resembles the eye of a tiger and blue-laced agate is a beautiful combination of different blue bands. Each piece is unique, and jewelry makers continue to create the most awesome pieces of jewelry using all these gems.

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Limitless Creativity And Color With Quartz Beads

There is no better way to utilize the abundance of quartz than by working with quartz beads. The variety of quartz beads you can use is astounding, and working with beads to create your own unique piece of jewelry must rank among life’s biggest pleasures.

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Varying Bead Shapes, Sizes And Quartz Gemstone Types

Today, you can purchase a limitless variety of beads of varying shapes and size. Beyond that, you have a plethora of gemstones to choose from.

Creativity has no limits. You can make simple, uniform bracelets or push the boat out a little and blend a selection of gems and bead shapes into one eclectic piece of jewelry.

Colors of quartz quote

Perhaps you might start off by deciding what occasion you are making a unique piece of jewelry for, what outfit you are trying to stylishly accessorize and how frequently you intend to wear it. Decide work wear or evening wear, special occasion or every day, and then proceed to choose the best colors. The colors will then guide you to your chosen quartz gemstone bead.

Once you have made those decisions, you may proceed to select a style and design. If you are a beginner, it may be best to start off with a simple one-strand bracelet, a pair of simple earrings or perhaps an elegant necklace. Proficient jewelry makers can crochet or peyote stitch their way to a stunning piece of beaded jewelry.

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Your Unique Creation – A One-Off Piece

Quartz provides us with an abundant choice, a choice that you can craft into an entirely unique, unrivaled piece of jewelry, perhaps for yourself or for someone you love. The freedom to create is immensely joyous, and the beauty born is astonishing. Even beginners can craft stunning pieces, pieces not available anywhere else in the world.

Express yourself with beads. Be bold, brave, and creative – and be astounded by your own stunning creation. When equipped with the right ingredients, the power of creativity is quite amazing.

This article was originally published on The Bead Traders, and is republished here with permission.

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