Food Matters: Beyond the American Standard Diet

It does not take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that the food industry has been taken over by crooked motives and unprecedented levels of corporate and political power. The battle of the bulge has reached pandemic proportions and various agrochemical contaminants carry familiar tunes over American dinner tables throughout the country. Canned garbage and cakes that are capable of surviving a nuclear war and decorated with flashy colors and bright fonts to light up pleasure centers in the minds of overweight and unhealthy poster-childs of The Standard American Diet. As American hooligans perpetually soak down aluminum cans of soda overflowing with high doses of aspartame and chow down on chemically-induced sour cream and chive potato chips, bottom lines of ruthless corporations fatten and brainwashed individuals get all kinds of winded from a simple stroll around the block.

The American Food Industry continues to tirelessly evolve and utilize science and technology to produce higher quantities of junk food to capitalize on the average American consumer’s inclination to fulfill an emotional void with sugary treats and greasy eats. I am by no means a doctor or nutritionist, but I am aware that enormous plates of an endless array of nutritionally bankrupt food served in the form of pancakes with syrup or chicken nuggets and fries disrupts the body’s defenses and induces autoimmune diseases, inflammation, etc. Food and farming are continuously conspicuously absent from political campaigns or carefully crafted to score political points from hippo-humans devouring row upon row of “sugar-free”, “low-carb”, “light”, and “lean” frozen din-din’s. Fast-food crooks are infiltrating school grounds and naive children are consuming genetically modified school lunches all across the nation. Multinational corporations no longer possess a shred of decency and aggressively direct disease-promoting marketing toward innocent children and vulnerable audiences. The creation of walls and shelves of insalubrious goodies are easy on the pocketbook of cockeyed corporations and diminish the individual’s overall wellbeing. The substitution of factory and industrial processing rather than artisanal processing has diminished the quality and nutritional content of our food. Industrial processing survives on hydrogenated oil, synthetic food additives, the extrusion of grains, sugar and white flour. For instance, your morning bowl of breakfast cereal is full of mood-altering chemicals and subject to sprays that coat the science experiment portrayed as “food” with sugar and seal the potential desolation of the “crunch” when drenched with a chemical-laden cup of milk. Therefore, you pay nearly seven dollars for a box of cold cereal that carries a pennies worth of actual grains and costs a hill of beans to produce. Food for thought?

Food plays a central role in every individual’s life. You will die if you do not eat. Food is commonly linked with symbolic beliefs associated with celebration, comfort, reward, power, sorrow and one big dollar sign. Mega-rich corporations hunger to induce an individual’s inclination to suppress their life’s trials and tribulations with irradiated food and empty calories that pose life-threatening health risks. Individuals use the sensory experience of food as a crutch and means of suppression. In our culture of jazz hands, my biggest beef relates to the petty excuse of convenience (lack of preparation/thinking ahead) and the acceptance of the song and dance of an individual being exposed to trays of cookies in the office or bags of chips in the cupboard which masks unhealthy behaviors and fails to put a halt on the declination of the individual’s health. We need to stop sugar-coating the truth about the food choices that an individual makes. Put a halt to the salt. The excuse of the lack of financial means to carry out a health-conscious and balanced lifestyle is a crock of shit; you are lazy and choose to spend your time waiting in your car for nauseating fast food and lack the mental discipline and patience to purchase fresh ingredients and prepare a nutritional meal at home. I understand underlying conditions are complex and can play a role in an individual’s health but theoretically speaking, if you continually choose a bucket of fried chicken along with donuts for dessert over consciously prepared meals full of plant-rich nutrients, you are going to encounter potential food-borne illnesses, life-inhibiting physical changes and the deterioration of optimal human functioning. You indeed have a choice.

I believe that altering one’s core belief system and emotional reactions pertaining to food plays a chief role in carrying out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I no longer perceive food as entertainment. I perceive food as life fuel. Yes, I am one of those crazy health nut jobs that always carries around a gallon of filtered water and derives the same amount of excitement for a day at the farmer’s market as an alcoholic would for a night out at the most rowdy bar in Vegas. I supplement with products such as Amazing Grass, which as mentioned on ReviewingThis, delivers a healthy and clean dose of vitamin-rich nutrients that give me energy and add a pep into my step for the day to come. I choose to provide my body with nutritional sustenance that converts to optimal energy and vitality which serves as fuel along my personal quest to fulfill my desires and everyday activities. I never skip a meal and always carry food with me. I choose to integrate alkaline foods and fill my basket (or backpack) with a rainbow of colors and a plethora of nutrients. I choose organic and local farmers market fruit and vegetables over everythang. I choose to eat up to 10 pounds of greens per day. I choose to prioritize wellness and take my personal mental, emotional, and physical health into my hands. I choose to commit to tuning into what is appropriate for the life that I lead. I choose superior nutrition and youthful functioning. I choose well to live well. A cumulative effect of a healthy lifestyle punctuated by living a raw, plant-based lifestyle has contributed dramatic personal internal and external changes that have transformed my entire life. I eat to live. I have never felt more alive.

Life is a choose-your-own-adventure extravaganza. Food releases a plethora of hormones and neurotransmitters that affect your overall mood and productivity. Food is a supplement to create a greater capacity for enjoying life, and a change in how you feel stimulates a change in events and circumstances you experience. You feel what you eat. And with that having been said, may you hold the mayo and reap the benefits of optimal soundness of body and mind.

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