Love Is A Choice

Love. The strange yet undeniable intoxicatingly euphoric phenomenon. It traces the patterns of stars onto the peaks and ridges of an individuals tingling spine and exhibits brilliant hues of chromatic saturation that dances throughout an inflicted mind immersed in an interminable pool of enchanting wonder.

It delicately travels through the streaming water towards the banks and becomes embedded into the trees and the leaves. It’s nature deepens as obscurations and the afflicted state of mind begin to dissolve as feelings of sincerity, unconditional care and full-bodied compassion arise spontaneously and flow seemingly effortlessly. It is a conglomeration of whirling bits of electrical force that create dynamic energy both negative and positive in nature that sends extrasensory energy pulsating through your mortal container. It’s wings grow through formidable fields of ecstasy as it treks through a souls migration toward a land of redemption. It breaks free of the chrysalis and metamorphoses into a monarch joyously zinging through the air. It is the conquering of the crevices of physicality with arms of love, hair of silvery grey and a collection of stories spanning generations which serve to enlighten human beings on this present day. It’s seven billion tunes and shades of perception. It wanders through an orbit of ecstasy and ignites an individuals natural innate desires while pheromones and oxytocin create the potion toward harmonic motion. It is dirt and grime. It is ricocheting bullets bolting through the air. It is not for the weak or complacent, and just like the moon, love goes through phases. It is the infinite space between dissonance and resolve. It is the fusion of energies that create oceanic fountains over-spraying luminescent beads onto the bedazzled fairgrounds of the interconnectedness established by two human beings. It is staring into the eyes of a stranger and perceiving the lenses in which that individual captures endless moments. It makes the negative ego porous and fosters the formless warmness which provides an assortment of unfeigned adornments. It is manifested in different forms, in which all are bountiful and instrumental, and is far more potent than starry eyes and juvenile butterflies. It is the embryonic stage of our creative and moral energy, and I presently choose to allow it to inundate my entire being. I am living in the love vibration.

I am at a stage of my life in which I am actively engaging in expanding the range and influence of what I perceive will eternally be my greatest universal asset; love. I feel an enrapturing rise of inward warmth as I muse upon how deeply I have injected glitter in my veins and matured to perceive love as the true source of energy that earnestly fuels my heartfelt desire to continue to flourish and succeed in amplifying my internal cathedral, personal creationships and creative lifework with all the glory of a thousand exploding galaxies. I vulnerably choose to be an open vessel that welcomes all of the multifaceted ways that love is able to present itself whether as shimmering green as an emerald or as potentially painful as the burn of bitterness. The infinite realms of love range from the enthusiastic draw of the first breath of air from the emotionally significant cut of an umbilical cord that welcomes an angel onboard to capturing the delicate beauty of invisible, energetic strings eternally connecting two highly raptured earthly beings. I mesmerize myself to reach a deeper state of mind and catch myself dazing off into a landscape, sculpture or dreamland while musing upon the dimensions of love and connection. I connect with whimsical creatures that release the brain’s natural opiates and set the importance of simultaneously experiencing both the inner and outer world in motion. I perceive that the more sincerely an individual is able to assume the form of an open-hearted and vulnerable existence, the more each and every form of love is able to touch and potentially transform their mentality toward unconditionally delivering their deepest goodness and getting their hands dirty in the midst of a catastrophic mess bustling throughout either their own or another human beings life. I choose to submerge myself into the highs and lows of reverie and the mystery of dark blue. I aim to instill the influential inspiration to take a giant leap into the abyss of the unknown into another and like a bear, pull inward to explore their shadow and fuel up on love. I live suspended in time while feeling the pain coruscating through another individuals dilated eyes. I accept all and resist absolutely nothing. I choose not to sink beneath the waves and disappear; I bare witness to zig zag lines and everything that is rising within while honoring the aspects that are temporally wounded. Wise, extensive and pure love is not solely an emotion; it is a decision. Love is far beyond a human being’s hormones and libido on an all time high. Love has the ability to outlive a living death. Love endures in sickness and in health and is transmitted by example with no expectations and no strings attached.


I am afoot on this spring day as a bird’s voice spreads across the air singing praises to the recesses of bliss. I have drawn an inner conclusion that love is a deliberate choice that is worth making and an unconditional commitment to an imperfect existence. I have fallen in love with my imperfect self, and in doing so, I have awakened the capacity to explore and celebrate the complexities of love within human relationships of all shapes and forms. May you tune in to your highest self and perpetually choose love in every and any form above all.

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