A Potent Magical Ritual For Calling in Positive Energy During the 2016 Winter Solstice

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Today, December 21st, 2016, ushers in the Winter Solstice (the first official day of winter). With the North Pole tiled at 23.5 degrees away from the sun, this allows for the longest night of the year, with the days getting progressively longer from this point until the Summer Solstice in 2017.

Various spiritual traditions through the ages have marked the Solstice as a special time to celebrate light and to honor the warm graciousness the sun provides us. As night gets longer and the light dims during the winter months, the Solstice is a celebration of the light within – and finding appreciation for the cycle of life we coexist with, respecting the seasons, and the reasons for these cycles.

As the sun transitions into a darker period, this period calls for us to metaphorically “absorb” the energy, warmth, and light of the sun as it goes into hiding. The sun allows for  growth and life, yet never asks for anything in return…the sun shines, and its radiance is felt through our every cell. Through the winter, we are reminded to be like the sun, and transmute any darkness into light, shine bright, be warm, be full of life, and vibrate high with positive intent.

With the Solstice falling in the midst of a Mercury retrograde the energy of this period may feel a bit more emotional than usual, and vibing high may seem a bit daunting. However, ritual and cleansing are important spiritual practices that can aid the energies of this time, and if we work with the light, we can intensify our manifestations with a clear aura/spirit.

If you’ve felt more negative energy than usual, and need a bit of soulful assistance to call forth your light – casting a spell using candle magick is a great way to cleanse and call in the positivity.

The following magical ritual is a powerful way to align with the light and bring in some good vibrations during the Solstice.


Winter Solstice Candle Magick Instructions

What you’ll need:

Purple candle

Rosemary oil

White paper

Black ink

Fire-proof dish 

In your mind’s eye, take a moment and visualize all areas of your life where you may feel as though there are blockages. Once you identify them, greet them with a loving energy, and imagine them being removed. Give gratitude, grace, and thanks for the lessons – while simultaneously giving the blockages permission to vacate from your reality.

Take the purple candle and anoint it with rosemary oil, then on the piece of paper write in black ink: “I am free from attachment to that which is causing blockages in my life. I am love, I am light, and I am grateful for the ALL. All blocks in my life are now removed, and so it is.” Fold the paper three times away from you, and light the candle.

Place the folded paper in your fire-proof dish, and light it with the candle. As the paper burns, invoke the power of Fire and its Elemental spirits by repeating this three time: “Firedrakes and salamanders, Aid me in my quest, Protect me from all evil thoughts. Turn away and send back any negativity.”

After the third repetition close the spell in whatever way feels best to you.

For other rituals to celebrate the Solstice and tap into the cosmic wave, be sure to visit MysticMamma.com for ideas/suggestions.

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