Why the POWERFUL Full Moon/Super Moon on December 13th, 2016 is a Portal to New Potential

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On Tuesday, December 13th we will be experiencing the last Full Moon of 2016. This particular Full Moon is also a Super Moon, which means it will appear 13% bigger and brighter than usual.

The moon will appear in the night’s sky tomorrow night, and will reach peak fullness at 7:05pm EST (12:05am GMT).

“As above, so below, as the universe, so the soul.” – The Kybalion


In a year filled with adversity, changes, turmoil, and chaos – we are wrapping up 2016 with what will be the brightest Full Moon of the year, and it is also going to be the “highest up” at midnight. All of this, on top of the night of the 13th bringing about the peak of the Geminid Meteor Showers (the best shooting stars of the year).

Spiritually speaking, in looking at the moon and celestial events as an allegory for the journey of the human soul – the moon and the stars are behaving in ways that we can simultaneously admire and observe. To conquer darkness, we must shine our brightest, and to overcome adversity we must join the “dance” of chaos and find our place amongst the stars.

In Native American culture, this moon is also referred to as the Cold Moon, because it is associated with the time when winter’s cold grip fastens itself on Mother Earth, and our nights become long and dark.

If we are to succumb to the cold, the darkness, and the chaos – we allow our inner light to dull, and lose focus on our individual powers as creators. Each of us has a role to play on this Earth, which in turn plays a role for the bigger picture of the universe at large. If we absorb the energies and lessons this Full Moon has to provide to us – it will allow us to enter 2017 illuminated, and able to coexist with whatever the future has in store, empowered, ready, and spiritually strong enough to meet any “challenge” with our inner light.

With the events that have transpired in 2016 (the Presidential election, Standing Rock, a world at war, society numb to a cult of personality and consumer culture) it is easy for us all to become jaded. In Adam Curtis’ documentary, HyperNormalisation, he states that we have become “LOST IN A FAKE WORLD”, and perhaps we have to some degree. However, in looking at the “world” from a spiritual point of view, the “world” is/always has been an illusion, but we are rendered blind to this illusion because of ego, and the pleasures of material thinking.

“Because people have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams. So the Nothing grows stronger…because people who have no hopes are easy to control; and whoever has the control… has the power!” – The Neverending Story

An illusion continues to be powerful when it is accepted as truth, as what will always be. When we are jaded, we become hardened to the notion of change, because we’ve succumbed to “The Nothing” (see video below).

This moon is a reminder that even nothing is something, and all illusion is subject to change, when we begin to change our perspective of it. Even feeling jaded in a way can be beautiful, because to feel so hardened is a reminder that you have equal potential to be soft – but balance is key. Look at any feelings of being jaded metaphorically, and take away the lessons of jade (as a stone) – which is believed to strengthen your mental faculties and assist in clear reasoning by protecting you and guarding against misfortune.

Through appreciating all of these different energies/lessons, and applying them to your life – you can find liberation. Shine your brightest light on the darkest aspects of your soul, forgive yourself, forgive what has wronged you, forgive what didn’t go as planned, and forgive the nefarious figures that are governing the world of illusion because they too at one point were children and perhaps got lost along the way.

Transmute darkness with light, transform hatred with love, be a star in your own right by dancing through this moment in time and living YOUR truth – free from judgment, or worry of what will be/what “is”. Be your own light of love.

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