Exploring the Scope of Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing psychic abilities is definitely possible when you know where to start and understand the intuitive gifts that you possess within yourself. As human beings we have become more focused towards material possessions and got influenced by religion, caste and various earthly desires which have made us forget our natural psychic abilities over time. These natural psychic abilities remain buried deep within us under layers of selfishness and materialism which can be rediscovered by following certain simple methods explained below. Psychic abilities must not be considered as the gift of few, but they are latent within every one of us and could be developed through spiritual practices such as mantra, meditation, prayers, yoga, breathing exercises and through spiritual healing.

Discover Yourself:

Similar to how a building requires strong foundation, you also need to first discover yourself and explore your awakening if you want to develop psychic abilities. It is the most beautiful part of your spiritual journey and it can help you uncover the hidden potential inside you. You should try to understand yourself on a soul level and try to find out your spiritual guides during this process. You should shed all your negative thoughts like anger, greed, jealousy, fear, doubt, ego, hatred etc. and fill your soul with love, kindness and peace. Self-discovery means finding the true purpose of your life and realizing what your beliefs are. Self-discovery can help you obtain clarity, happiness and progress towards enlightenment of your soul. One of the important secrets to develop psychic abilities is being a true believer of such powers and using it regularly. The more you listen to your intuition and act on it, the better your intuition will become. Also purity of motive is very important to develop your psychic abilities. You should use these powers only for a good purpose like servicing others through psychic readings and spiritual healing.


Understand the Different T ypes of Psychical abilities:

In order to develop psychic abilities, first you should understand what kinds of psychical abilities are available. These psychical abilities are also called clairs and are basically the methods through which you can receive intuitive information from beyond the physical world. The various kinds of psychical abilities are,

  • Clairaudience – It is the ability to receive intuitive information without using physical ear. People gifted with Clairaudience can hear people in their afterlife and communicate with them.
  • Clairsentience – It refers the ability to feel energies from the inner planes of life. Clairsentient people can receive intuitive messages through physical sensation, emotions or feelings. Empathy is an example of Clairsentience.
  • Clairvoyance – Also called inner seeing, it refers the ability to view beyond the physical world and explore the astral planes.
  • Claircognizance – It refers to extra-sensory perception and the ability of knowing things naturally without any logic or facts.
  • Telepathy – It refers to the ability to communicate with other human beings through mind alone without using any verbal/written medium.
  • Spirit Guides – Some people develop psychical abilities which helps them to communicate with your Spirit Guides and assist you in spiritual healing.

Practice Psychic Meditation Everyday:

If you really want to develop psychic abilities, you should practice meditation on a daily basis. It helps to keep your mind calm and get rid of all the negative energies surrounding you. When you meditate regularly, your mind gets into a relaxed state so that you will be able to communicate with your spiritual guides and receive intuitive information. Whether you wish to develop your clairvoyance, work as a medium or offer spiritual readings, psychic meditation will help you get focused and strengthen your intuition. You should follow the correct procedure for psychic mediation such as choosing a quiet place, removing all the electronic gadgets around you, making note of your impressions, following the right breathing techniques and ending your meditation smoothly.


Read Genuine Books on Developing Psychic Powers by Trusted Authors:

Another way to improve your intuition and psychic ability is through reading books about clairvoyance and other psychic powers by popular authors. It’s a well-known fast that “Knowledge is Power” and by getting a good understanding of what’s going on around you, you will gain more insight and become more sensitive to your intuitions. Some of the popular books related to psychic development that you can read are, Unleash Your
Psychic Powers
by Embrosewyn Tazkuvelm, “The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul” by Sonia Choquette , “Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Releasing and Developing Your Psychic Abilities” by William Hewitt and “Mind Reading: Clairvoyance and Psychic Development” by Crystal Muss.

Get Guidance From a Clairvoyant Mentor:

Whenever you are learning a new skill, it’s always good to have a mentor to guide you in the right path. In the same way, if you are serious about developing your psychic abilities then you should find an experienced mentor to guide you. A mentor can assist you in the right direction towards enlightenment and provide tips for psychic mediation, prayers and help you communicate with your spiritual guides. He can guide you to strengthen your intuition and teach you how to make use of your psychic abilities to serve others by offering spiritual readings. He can also show you various techniques to improve your clairvoyant abilities. For example, psychometry is a technique that can be used to enhance your clairsentience. You can learn about objects through sense of touch and feel the energy surrounding them. By practicing it regularly, you will become more sensitive and receive intuitive messages from others through sense of touch. A mentor can assist you in practising such techniques which can help you develop your psychic abilities. You can make use of this psychic chat platform to connect with such experienced mentors who have practiced psychic readings for several years.

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