New Moon in Cancer July 4th: Celebrating Intuition and Independence

Today, July 4th, 2016, we will be experiencing a New Moon, which falls under the sign of Cancer. This cosmic combination calls forth a very serene energy, with a vibration of peace, calm, and gentleness.

The energies we are to experience as a collective, are a reminder that we must be kind and loving to ourselves (first) before we can expect to receive the same treatment from others. When we are at harmony within – it will reflect in our outer experience as well.

Today, you may find yourself feeling emotional clarity, acceptance, empathy and understanding. This healing/peaceful energy has been building up over the recent months, which may have been a bit more tumultuous between intense retrograde cycles and powerful Full Moons. However, the past is behind us, and it is now time to be present and drink in the loving lunar light that this New Moon will provide us.

The positive energy will carry forward to the week ahead, and during this time you may feel heightened senses of intuition/gut instincts – trust what you feel, and don’t over-think it. Your first reaction may be the best right now, and your heart will be leading you in the right direction.

According to Forever Conscious:

New Moon’s represent the start of a new cycle and this cycle is definitely going to be a lot quieter and more peaceful than we have been experiencing.

July is truly going to be a month of restoration, peace and relaxation. Under the darkness of the New Moon, it is also going to be the perfect time to set your intentions for the road ahead.

Give yourself permission to let go of all that is no longer serving you and get clear about what it is that you want to manifest for the road ahead.

This New Moon is also activating the Saturn-Neptune square, which is one of the most significant aspects for the year.

This aspect has been helping us to not only trust our intuition, but also see the truth in the people and situations around us. In many ways, this aspect has been helping us to remove the veil or the rose coloured glasses and really see things as they are.

This aspect has perhaps also caused a fogginess or a certain level of confusion. Perhaps there have been no facts revealed or intuitive insights felt, leaving just darkness surrounding a certain situation.

If any of this resonates, this New Moon is going to help bring some illumination to the path ahead. It is going to help highlight or reveal things to you in order to give you just a taste of what is to come.

The Saturn-Neptune square will be lingering till September, but during July and under the influence of the Cancer New Moon, you may just receive a glimmer as to the final lesson in store.

It is important to remember however, that this New Moon is really about being gentle with yourself, loving yourself and nourishing yourself in love.

This week, carry forward the mantra of today’s holiday: “independence”. Find independence from what does not provide feelings of freedom, and liberation – embrace your intuition, and trust the inner wisdom you are receiving on a daily basis. Live in the moment, and love every lesson – because each is a part of your life’s tapestry, and the pattern woven together is the blueprint of your beautiful, unique soul.

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