11 Haunting Photos Of Africa’s Last Nomads

A German photographer’s two-year escapade delivered a series of stunning portraits of the last nomads and semi-nomads in Africa.

Did you know that it has been said that all humans are believed to have been originated from Africa? Even if you believe it or not, it is so intriguing and good to question how that makes us so. It is especially interesting to wonder considering the fact that because technology has advanced, it has modernized societies meaning that a variety of indigenous cultures have been fading away.

Photography by Mario Gerth

Mario Gerth is a documentary photographer that has been dedicated to capturing the existing nomadic tribes of Africa.

It has been noted that Mario Gerth has actually visited over eighty different countries due to his dedication for capturing these last nomadic tribes in Africa.

As he shares on his website, the portraits of the nomads residing in the remote regions reflect the epitome of African beauty and uniqueness. This was certainly presented in his artwork.

Within his art, we can decipher the diversity of Africa and how it showcases each of the culture’s uniqueness. The fact that adornments are used to depict their culture really let us know how their environment works as we can infer that it is something that they probably practice every day.

Below are pictures that he captured. Enjoy!

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Sources: mario-gerth.de + trueactivist.com

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  • Chun
    March 18, 2016 at 9:50 am

    there eyes all sing a similar story

  • Aissatou Sunjata
    March 19, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Beautiful. Haunting. Why are they the last?