Spotify Playlist Celebrating 3k Evolve and Ascend Group Members


A little over a week ago we hit 3000 members to our Facebook group. To commemorate,  we decided to put together a playlist inspired by the lovely people in our group. This playlist clocks in at 1hr 11minutes…it doesn’t get more magical than that!
Music is a beautiful tool to evoke feelings and capture moments. Its presence in the absolute form, made up of vibration, tones, symbolism, and set with intention. We forget how magical music is, and how those who create it are wizards in their own right (see: David Bowie). We use music to define ourselves in the present, or how provide a soundtrack to the story we write each day with our lives.
What better way to get to know someone than have a moment with music? Its not politics, its not religion…its pure… What we like is a personal treasure. It’s beyond opinion. We can break down walls of communication. It allows us to see what others love, and how we can appreciate it.

This is all about appreciation..for those who joined our group, and for the music that gives their lives the tempo and rhythm they vibe with each day.

It took us a little longer to get this up, since we had to take a much needed break the last week. We appreciate everyone who participated, and encourage others to join the group and get in on the the fun. We are defined by the people who support us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such beautiful people seeing all that we see, and understanding the magick in our daily lives.
For all of you who joined, this is for you!

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