61-Year-Old Mother Experiments with Psilocybin For the First Time

Every wonder what it would be like in your early 60s, to have your first psychedelic experience? YouTuber, PsychedSubstances, just shared a new video, documenting the effects of psylosibin mushrooms on his 61-year-old mother.
As she describes herself as “kind of close minded”, she willingly takes the smallest amount to have any sort of effects, 1 gram. She had clear intentions in her understanding of the mental journey she was about to embark on, and was willing to push her boundaries to see how this could benefit her.
Psilocybin is currently being researched at John Hopkins University, to better understand how users can overcome overcome depression, PTSD, and addictive behavior.
This video is a cute observation of a mother stepping into the corners of her mind, only finding the wisdom and perspective to allow her to have a more “creative” outlook of life.
She also mentions that she feels like she “shed a lot of lies about my life”. It’s profound to hear what others take away from an internal experience that can only be communicated through language, because the effects of their experience seems to go well beyond anything that can be truly communicated.

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