Powerful Message From Nordic Artists Will Give You Chills

Article by Liam Jobey

In this article we share an artist expression of surrendering to realization. ‘Done is Done’ gives a glimpse into a realm of thought, memory and the creating force in both as a consequence. An elegant reminder of choice; either repeat history or return anew to the present moment. Poking at the balance of masculine and feminine energies, the piece flows symbolic and religious references whilst carrying one through the fatigue.

Take a dip into these time chilling vibrations by Copenhagen based Suns of Nature.

What did you choose?

The song was written in Bosnia, during a much needed pit stop, whilst wandering through Europe hand in hand with a hash-fueled muse for half a year.

We quickly discovered that a mix of suburban stubbornness and spectacular spontaneity is the perfect recipe to dissolve expectation. After camping by motorways in Croatia, Bosnian cook Vjeko Kramer took us under his wing and showed us the true beauty and people of Bosnia, scars and all. The ringing of ongoing “terror” from the west whilst being respected guests in both Christian and Muslim environments set the setting, given a first moments solitude with an untuned piano in Vjekos apartment the melody and lyrics came in one from the searching exhale intro.


Gratitude to the talented filmographer and editor Jonas Bergmann, Rebild Forest and Pernille Redke for lending their breath taking presence.

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