Behold, The X-Files Coloring Book!

On January 24th, the X-Files returned after a thirteen year sabbatical for a special six-episode miniseries. Only three episodes in, and we’re already seeing some really interesting “breadcrumbs” which have us wondering if perhaps there’s a deeper message we are meant to understand, and decode. The video below, in particular, seems to tie together many theories believed to be “conspiracy” – but hit far too close to home to simply be a part of a fictional series…

On another separate note, now that Scully and Mulder are back into the current conversation – and have yet again made an imprint on our consciousness – the new series has brought about some fantastic fan art, as well as a new coloring book filled with “32 glorious pages” and 16 original illustrations by Lehr Beidelschies.

From iam8bitcom:

The truth is in these 16 original illustrations, puzzles and games based on the legendary television series, “The X-Files”! Colorists of all ages will love filling in the blanks of their favorite conspiracy! DO YOU WANT TO BELIEVE?

To purchase a copy of your own X-Files coloring book, click here.

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