Beautiful Murmuration of Starlings

Photography by Alain Delorme
Have you ever witnessed the beautiful chaos and precision of a flock of birds in murmuration? The flock will swirl, and bend fluid formations that is a vortex of flight, abstract as much as it is poetic, darting through the sky in cadence, while preparing for a dramatic landing. The birds are known as Starlings, and they do these murmurations throughout the year over a variety of places as a part of their migration patterns.
As much as this is a visual experience, there is also a very auditory component that lends itself to the experience. The sound of thousands of birds, communicating through their binary sound language, in tandem with the spectacle lends itself to a natural intelligence we could never understand, but admire the simple organization of a simple avian expression through a thousand tiny beating hearts and wings coasting on the might of the wind.
The video below, entitled A Bird Ballet, by Neels Castillion captures the beauty of this magickal moment of nature’s dance.

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