New Moon in Aquarius Feb, 8th 2016: Be Bold

Artwork via: RubySlipper.ca

This New Moon in Aquarius brings the opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and how far we still would like to go. The NM is the optimal time to set intentions for the coming cycle. Save your new ventures and projects for the NM and you will not be disappointed. Small seeds thrive and grow at this time.

The abundant Aquarian energy will encourage us to smash through our preconceived limitations and reach for the stars. It is time to use our creative innovation to go where we have never gone before. Look to your birth chart to see where Aquarius is giving you a fresh start. Expect the unexpected and allow yourself to shake off the need to seek approval from others. It is time to shake your thing to the beat of your own drum with zero fucks to give about who’s watching. Embrace risks at this time as they will be rewarded. Trust your instincts and be your most authentic self.


This New Moon in Aquarius is also the Chinese New Year! We are moving in to The Year of the Red Monkey. Red indicates it will be a passionate fire year and  the Monkey is all about intellect and creativity fitting perfectly with  Aquarians quest for innovation. This is a year to follow your passions and get what your heart desires.

Things to ponder at this New Moon/Chinese New Year –

*Have you been keeping yourself from taking risks? If so, why?

*Does your outer-self reflect your inner-self?

*How can you live more authentically?

*What do you want to start with this New Moon?

*What will you do just for you this month?

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