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Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi is latin for “World Soul” can also be personified as ‘ The One”, or Gaia, later understood as the Gaia theory. It’s the spiritual nature of the earth’s soul and the biosphere it occupies. As much as the individual are a microcosm of spirit in matter, the anima mundi is spirit of all living matter on the planet, and it’s intrinsic connection to all living things.

This belief has been held in a many schools of thought. The term originated with Plato, and held an integral basis for many neoplatonic systems. Understanding how all things worked together or against each other to form a complex, self regulating system that allows the the environment and conditions for life on this planet.

It’s the basis for platonic philosophy, in helping the observer understand the derivative nature of reality from the singular principle of “The One”. It’s the focal point of the philosopher, and may vary in perspective through each individual. It’s the target for those with the intention of understanding the vibration of creation.

The Anima Mundi can be described as the invisible muse of platonic philosophy, in which we are all trying to find the basis of reality in correlation to the ethos of universal dynamic and the symbiotic role of man’s embodiment of nature, ruled by the same principles, with a similar beginning and end.

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