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The Hidden Teachings of Jesus Christ

The wisdom of the ages has been hidden in plain sight for time immemorial, disguised in allegory and myth. While religion has mislead millions and millions to believe stories that have been edited, extracted, and designed for a deeper agenda – the truth is available, if we choose to read between the lines, and seek the deeper wisdom within the words.

The esoteric lessons of the Bible, and the hidden teachings of Jesus Christ find their root in cosmology, consciousness, and coming to understand the patterns of the soul’s journey on Earth (gnosis). Parable is a powerful tool, that was used to explain the poetic nature of this journey, but was never meant to be taken literally.

The video below about The Hidden Teachings of Jesus is a doorway into understanding the esoteric nature of Jesus’ spiritual teachings, and whether you’re an adept or an initiate into hermetic philosophy – this is a great documentary to further expand your consciousness.

Watch below and share your thoughts!


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