This Historic Shopping Mall Was Converted Into Tiny, Superchic Lofts


VIA: POPSUGAR.COMInside the oldest functioning shopping mall in the United States, you won’t find your usual Nordstrom or Hot Dog on a Stick…

Instead, the Arcade Providence is filled with stylish, affordable apartments. Located in Providence, RI, the community contains 48 micro-apartments and 17 boutique shops. While most of the tiny lofts boast a mere 225 square feet of space, they cost under $600 per month and contain everything that a city resident could desire in a home.

If you’ve ever dreamt of living inside a shopping mall, this is your chance! Cozy, bright, and efficient, the Arcade Providence microlofts are a great use of previously unused retail space. Read on to see the community, then watch the video, below, to peek inside real residents’ tiny homes. Would you pay $550 per month to live in a mall? We’re thinking, yes.


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