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Practical Magic(k): Sage Tisane for Vitality, Wish Making and Spiritual Purification

Sage (Salvia) comes from the Latin word meaning “to heal”, and has long been regarded as an herb of wisdom, vitality and even immortality. A masculine herb ruled by the planet, Jupiter, making it a powerful ally for protection, balance and abundance. Since Medieval times people have used sage as a tonic to stave off death, and promote healing. Some have carried it for protection and called on its powers to grant wishes.

Medicinally sage is antibacterial, and used to ease the stomach, heal ulcers, and eliminate illness. When I am feeling the onset of a cold or flu I will burn a sage bundle to speed the natural purging process of my body, and balance my immune system. I believe this is the origin of sage use in sickrooms by the Native Americans, and shamanic cultures.

Known as a spiritual cleansing agent, burning sage in bundles will create sacred space, ward off negativity, and promote a sense of peace. This is a powerful way to begin any spiritual work, and something I use before consulting with clients. Sage can be mixed with other botanicals to enhance the metaphysical qualities such as cedar, lavender, juniper and mugwort.

A Simple Tisane with Sage

I prefer to create a tisane, or tea, from Sage to extract the medicinal and magical properties. To make a tisane you can add a handful of sage leaves to the bottom of a teacup or teapot. Pour hot water over the leaves, and allow it to steep for 8-10 minutes.

Note: dried Sage is stronger than fresh Sage. Adjust proportions to taste.

Once infused the tisane will become very aromatic. Sage has a sweet, warm and slightly medicinal scent (unlike when burned). You might like to remove the leaves before the tea becomes too strong, or bitter.

Sage makes a wonderful nighttime tea. It eases the stomach and calms the nerves. As you ingest this delicious warm brew you expel dull, heavy and blocked energies in your aura. Internalizing the energetic qualities of Sage will reveal your inner light, increasing your vitality and innate wisdom. I find that this also adds another layer of psychic protection.


Aura Repair Tea with Rose and Sage

My Aura Repair tea jumpstarts the natural healing process of the energy bodies…working from the inside out. With its lovely, light flavor it compliments your nightly ritual, or any spiritual work preparation.

I favor roses greatly in my spiritual cleansing practice for their gentle and uplifting nature. When used as a tea, rose enhances the natural structure of the aura for restoration and regeneration of etheric fibers. Mixing Rose with Sage packs a punch, expelling negative vibes, and fortifying the aura with protection.

For a pot of tea add…

1 cup Sage leaves

2 cups dried rose petals

3 cups of spring water

Steep for 8-10 minutes. Allow the scent to relax you. Call on Spirit, the Mother Mary, or your Angels to bless the teapot.

Drawing Wishes with Sage

Sage lends itself to working wish-craft for manifesting intentions. As before you will make a tisane of Sage leaves in a teapot or cup (I use my favorite teacup with a metallic gold flower motif which inspires abundance).

Hold the cup gently in your hands. Begin finding the rhythm of your breath, allowing the scent to take you deeper, and deeper. Let the warmth of the cup melt away your tension.

Envision of what you wish to draw into your life. See it in your mind with as much detail as you can. Revel in the feelings of having your desires…. let it grow…expand in your head and heart.

Now breathe your desire into your cup with three long breaths. Breath is a powerful way to conjure and infuse magical intentions. Enjoy the tea…with each sip you draw your desire closer.

This tea can also be used as a wash to add to your bath, or wash your hands to symbolize receiving your desire.

Space Blessing with Sage Tisane

For those of you with smoke sensitivity, or limitations on burning items within your space a tisane can be a great alternative to smudging. Simply make a strong tea in a bowl, and then gather together a bundle of fresh Sage leaves to dip in the liquid. This is a process called, aspurging where you will go from room to room lightly shaking the bundle to mist the walls and floors.

Begin in the room that intuitively calls you, or start in the entrance. Work in a counter-clockwise fashion if possible as this promotes the purging of unwelcome energies. You may choose to say a prayer, or affirmation as you work through each room.

For example:

“With Sage this space is washed and blessed. Only good vibes and intentions shall remain.”

I like to visualize the space filling with vibrant white light. I envision this light as ethereal mist emanating from the room’s center. Growing, expanding, and shifting the atmosphere… Until it completely overtakes the space infusing and reinforcing the walls. This is Spirit’s protective light.

Other Suggestions for Using Sage Tisane

When used as a wash it will cleanse and bless your spiritual accouterments, such as crystals, charms and other healing tools. Add the tisane to your rinse cycle to cleanse your clothing and infuse them with protective qualities. And it makes a great addition to your spiritual cleansing bath, with a handful of sea salt.

The uses are endless. Magic is all about learning to play, experiment, and listen to your intuition. And always practice caution when working with, or ingesting herbs. Especially if you are allergic or pregnant. I do not hold responsibility for your health, or the result of using these techniques. These are just suggestions from my personal practice. Explore ways of making it your own!

© Shaheen Miro 2016

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