30 Perks of Being an Introvert

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Many of us know what it feels like to be wallflowers.  We are the pew-sitters that watch the preachers perform.  We’re the backstage-bunch that make the actors shine.  We’re the Teslas that give the Edisons the limelight.  But increasingly, introverts everywhere are embracing their low lying role in society.  We’re learning not to care for what doesn’t suit us.  In fact, we’re learning to relish our quiet natures, not as unfortunate afflictions, but generous gifts.  Here’s a list of over 30 perks that come with being an introvert. Feel free to tweet or share on Facebook any that speak to you:


The 30+ Perks of Being an Introvert

We’re considerate friends.

We’re loyal lovers.

We’re sensitive parents.

We’re proficient leaders.

We’re focused employees.

We’re smart investors.

We’re skilled entrepreneurs.

We’re excellent writers.

We’re interesting conversationalists.

We’re quietly creative.

We’re independent thinkers.

We’re sensitive feelers.

We’re self disciplined.

We function autonomously.

We’re frequently thoughtful.

We aren’t impulsive.

We are patient.

We’re astute listeners.

We embrace silence.

We entertain ourselves.

We’re happily backstage.

We’re internally driven.

We’re calming people.

We’re very insightful.

We’re good observers.

We’re often intelligent.

We are non-confrontational.

We are multi-dimensional.

We’ve few enemies.

We’ve few admirers.

Harmony over controversy.

Think then talk.

Substance over style.

Quality over quantity.

Intimacy over notoriety.

Inner over outer.

We can be distant, we can be anti-social and we can be overly sensitive at times, but to be an introvert is to be a unique and intricate world.  So next time you have to evade a social invitation – smile.  It’s a quirk of who you are.  An introvert.

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