Jupiter Goes Retrograde Jan 7th – The Spiritual Spotlight

Jupiter goes Retrograde in Virgo Jan 7th – May 9th

Jupiter Rx in Virgo encourages us to turn our energies inward. It shines a light on how we have (or haven’t) been taking care of our bodies and puts a lot of focus on work.  This transit is about finding balance between your spiritual and physical bodies. Spiritual studies will be highlighted during this time. This transit is a time to find your truth regardless of other opinions around you or what you were told to believe growing up. It is time to define what you believe and act on it. If you take on this retrograde with the spirit of reflection, reconstruction and consistency, you will receive the blessings that Jupiter has to offer.


Projects and business will be in full swing but we must not forget to tend to ourselves.  You are better off reworking an old project than starting a new project at this time. Your hard work will not be forgotten when this transit goes direct at the end of the month. Jupiter Rx can be guilty of being overly critical and having impossible standards so make sure to pat yourself on the back as you make progress.

Jupiter Rx in Virgo has a tendency to bring all the areas we have been neglecting front and center. Take some time to figure out where you need to put in some work and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Another huge focus of Jupiter Rx is healing. Start treating your body like the temple it is.

This is the start of many Retrogrades that will be cleaning out our closets this year. You can find a reference guide to all the many Retrogrades coming our way this year HERE 

Advice for navigating Jupiter in Retrograde:

  • Seek answers within
  • Don’t take unnecessary big risks
  • Connect with a spiritual practice of some kind
  • Heal your body
  • Stick with current projects instead of starting new ones
  • Exercise and treat your body with care
  • Keep your high standards but treat yourself to something nice when you make progress

If you want to learn more about where Jupiter will be in your personal Birth Chart you can contact me for an appointment HERE 

*Check back for my article on the New Moon in Capricorn coming up on Jan 9th

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