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Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: Ageless Wisdom

From ancient times, a body of ancient spiritual teaching known as the Ageless Wisdom has been handed down from generation to generation.

First made available in writing to the general public in the 1800s by H.P. Blavatsky, and then in the 20th century by Alice A. Bailey – this wisdom is the common foundation of all the world’s religions.

It is sometimes called ‘Esotericism’, and is enveloped in the art of working with the natural energies of the universe, which emanate from the highest spiritual sources.

Art by Nicholas Roerich

The Ageless Wisdom is a systematic, and extremely comprehensive account of the evolution of consciousness in man and nature. The work describes how the universe came to exist, its fundamental laws, and humanity’s place through these processes.

To review some commonly asked questions about this work, you may find the video below to be helpful.



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