Woman Draws Series of Portraits Before, During and After LSD

The gallery below  is a collection of drawings put together by a woman as she experienced an unforgettably colorful and quite vivid trip on LSD.

The progression as the effects wear on seems as though she began to slip into a holographic cosmic bath, and eventually transformed into an Alex Grey painting.

I found this to be a great visual representation of where the psychedelic experience can take you. Art truly seems to be the best medium for being able to convey the different dimensions you enter as you ascend through your journey.

It is the perfect way to articulate something that is completely intangible to someone who has never journeyed down that “rabbit hole”, and needless to say, this was quite a “trip” for not only the observer but the artist as well.


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  • anseio
    December 28, 2015 at 3:47 am

    Would be nice if the drawings were arranged in the order that she drew them. She’s written a time stamp on most of them. The most lovely, at the end, was not the last she drew of herself. And, the order represented here does not reflect the actual journey she took.