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The Egyptian Principle of Ma’at

The Egyptian principle of Ma’at is a level of consciousness that revolves around a formula of Love (the heart) under will (conscious attention). In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the feather of Ma’at is what your heart is weighed against, to see if you are worthy of passing through to “Heaven” or if you are to suffer in “Hell”. If your heart is as light as a feather you can pass, otherwise you are condemned to suffering. If you view “Heaven” and “Hell” as abstract concepts, and dimensions of karmic destiny to fulfill – Heaven is ascension to another realm of consciousness, while Hell can be viewed at as another incarnation on planet Earth.

Earth is a school, where we are taught by experience, and shaped by the programming we receive from what we surround ourselves with. We are born into this world, exactly as we should be, but we are tricked into believing we are to “become” something more, something different than who we really are. The tricks, turns, triumph and tragedy are all merely tests to see how light we can keep our hearts, even during the darkest moments of this reality. There is no permanence, aside from impermanence, and living the Ma’at principle is the preservation of this light.

The principle of complete surrender to the heart, is something that requires practice. For those who are in the midst of this awakening process, the task to remain at a high vibration can be challenging because not all hear the same “music”. Ma’at teaches us (what we constantly reiterate) that being is doing, and it is not our job to force others to understand…merely be, suggest, and live your True Will.

From Ma’at Magick by Nema: “Once you comprehend your True Will and begin to work on it, you’ll draw people to you without conscious effort. Some will have interest in action congruent with your own, others will diverge, and still others may oppose you. In all cases, you’re obliged to help each one’s spiritual evolution, according to individual need. This does not mean that you should do other people’s work, or even imply that you could. The most you need to do is teach by example, suggest reading material, and raise as many questions as you answer.”

While learning about how powerful you really are, and the true nature of The Universe is the most exciting journey to embark on, and you want to shout it from the rooftops to awaken everyone from their slumber…you must understand the importance of silence, and the power of suggestion. You can’t create anyone else’s reality aside from your own, and in order to facilitate change, you must live, and provide “gnosis” through suggestion, and inspiration. Nobody likes to be told what to do, and while it may be frustrating, you just have to let go of the attachment to other’s personal karmic destiny.

It’s a difficult “dance”, but following your own choreography will eventually inspire others to “dance” as well…and the resistance will dissolve in time.

“The only way to Dance the Mask successfully is to remember that behind the mask there is no dancer, only dance.” – Nema

All experience is initiation to a higher or lower realm based off of the lightness of your being. Adversity is the greatest teacher, and feeling good about the contrast will allow you to feel “God”. Feeling goodness, is feeling “Godness”…being light, delicate, and airy, but still maintaining the strength to fly, to soar above the Earthly plane is the principle of Ma’at. The “Godness” is the magic, and the Ma’at is the magick (see: “The Difference Between Magic and Magick“).

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