Astrological Signs of a Revolution

Astrological Signs of a Revolution by Alyssa Rochelle

The Age of Aquarius. We’ve been hearing about it since the 1960s, with many debates over when the current age, Pisces, ends & the Age of Aquarius begins. Astrological ages, which represent how humanity as a whole is acting, reacting, and producing, last approximately 2150 years & move backwards throughout the procession of the signs. Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling exactly when one age ends & the other age begins. Much debate is said over when the Age of Aquarius begins, with some saying it started 11/11/2011, some saying December 21, 2012, some saying it will begin in 2150, & some saying it will begin in 2160. Personally, I’ve kind of gravitated to the thought of the Age of Aquarius beginning on December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. I like to think that even if it starts in 2160, we would now AT LEAST be entering the cusp years. Isn’t that great? Essentially, at the very least we’re a little bit in the Age of Pisces, & a little bit in the Age of Aquarius, but we could also be beginning the Age of Aquarius right now.

The Age of Pisces, which is, of course symbolized by Pisces, deals with the duality element being the fight between religion & science. The fish that represents Pisces also represents Jesus, whose religion clearly dominated the last 2000 years. In a more negative aspect, Pisces is a rather helpless & naïve sign, ruled primarily by Neptune, the planet of illusion, which could indicate a period of mass illusion. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck & higher thinking, which also rules Sagittarius. Because the planets proceed through the ages backwards, before it was the Age of Pisces, it was the Age of Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which I always feel represents the more infant-side of humans, or child who wants to do what it wants to do, now. The Age of Aries saw huge expansions for empires around the world, usually due to war. The fire that represents Aries burned heavily during this 2000+ year time period. Before the Age of Aries was, of course, the Age of Taurus, which could be seen as the age of the earth, or the age of agriculture. The beauty & hard-work of this age helped manifest the Ancient Egyptian pyramids. The Age of Gemini saw the invention of writing and other kinds of communication, which is Gemini’s strength, & then before that was the Age of Cancer, who is the “mother” of the Zodiac, & where Neolithic “life,” as we know it, began.

So, we have the stage set for our current times: the debatable beginning of the Age of Aquarius, potential cusp years between the Age of Pisces & the Age of Aquarius (which is, interestingly enough, refered to as the “Cusp of Death”). Most people are aware that everyday there is a current planetary alignment, meaning that not only would someone born on that day have a “sun sign” but they would have a moon sign and rising sign also, as well as having each planet in a particular sign. What makes for an ever-changing number of people, as well as events, days & months, is that each planet moves through a sign in a different number of days, weeks, or years. Sun signs, for example, last about one month each, while the moon is in each sign for approximately two to three days. Mercury stays in each sign for two weeks to a month, while Pluto stays in each sign for twelve to thirty years. It’s a weird, fun, complicated mess. I can’t wait to know even more, one day.

Earlier this year, you might have heard about the Blood Moons. “Blood Moon” sounds kind of intimidating in the enough, but this one came with haunting threats by an Evangelical Priest that the lunar tetrad, or four successive total lunar eclipses with no partial eclipses in between, signaled the “end times.” As always, when nothing happened right away, everyone forgot about it. But with eclipses, they symbolize the beginning of a period, rather than the immediate culmination of something. People are quick to forget about something that happened even a day or two before, especially if there is no journaling or record-keeping happening to keep track or record things, & who journals anymore? Just kidding, I try to write in my journal. I wish I did more, though.

In April 2014, there was a total lunar eclipse in Libra. This, perhaps, signified the beginning of the “revolutionary” times, as people started to question these foreboding “blood-colored” moons, but also they also brought about a quest for balance & justice. As the Libra “scales” imply, the Libra sign loves to analyze, contemplate, & judge. This quest for balance & justice began in April, just before summer 2014, which began the most prominent recent Palestine-Israel struggle. Just months later on October 8, a total lunar eclipse in Aries, Libra’s opposite sign, caused a sudden rebirth. Aries, the sign of infancy, energy, & action, coupled with a lunar eclipse in Aries can mean more energy, more rage, and lashing out. The Aries-Libra pair of moons has only occurred two times in the last 25 years, which is also quite telling. October also saw a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, which sounds foreboding enough already. The sign of Scorpio deals with power & control, emotions, extremes, & perception… as well as death, more fire, and passion.

If that wasn’t enough disarray for October, Mercury was also in retrograde for nearly the entire month. Retrograde refers to when a planet APPEARS to change directions & begin to go “backwards,” therefore throwing everything that planet symbolizes into disharmony. The illusion of a backwards-moving planet not only disrupts the normal flow of things, but also begs us to bring our own illusions & secrets up to light. Mercury, being the planet of communication, disrupts matters of personal communication & mass communication, as well as general understanding, & technology. As Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking information, but still interesting to consider when thinking about October, especially when you think about the lack of fair media coverage surrounding Ferguson, the Israel-Gaza conflict, & the Hong Kong protests in China.

As I stated earlier, the planets move through the signs at different times, completely unrelated to one another, resulting in a complete variety of planetary arrangements at any time. Pluto stays in each sign for between 12-30 years & is the planet of transformation, destruction, power, & globalization. It is currently in the sign of Capricorn, known for steadiness and discipline, which sounds like a recipe to success for both of them. Curious as to what happened the last time Pluto was in Capricorn? THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION! Arguably the greatest advancement in the globalization of the world. Tea-throwing & revolting & establishing what would be, 200 years later, one of the top economies in the world. Pluto & Capricorn are both extremely powerful, but to combine them, starting in 2008 & lasting all the way until 2024, one can only assume the world will be completely different by the time Pluto moves into Aquarius, which I, of course, cannot wait for.

Neptune, the planet of illusion, moved into it’s own sign, Pisces, in 2011 & doesn’t leave until 2025. That can mean one of two things: mass spiritual awakening, or mass illusion. Obviously, we hope it’s the former, a trait Pisces is known for. Neptune, however, is the planet of illusion, delusion, & hysteria, but it’s also the planet of dreams, spirituality, & artistry. As most organized religions are loosing believers, spirituality seems to be picking up a lot of momentum & a lot of support. Then, again, so does violence. I still hope for the former, though.

Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, & change, also stays in each sign for a longer amount of time. Uranus has been in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, since 2010, & it’s going to stay there until March 2019. Conceivably, that’s almost nine years of “new beginnings” in the “rebellion,” area. 2011 brought us massive protests & several different kinds of reforms in Egypt, which are, theoretically, ongoing. Massive protests in Turkey in 2013 were estimated to have included almost half of Turkey’s 8 million people. Uranus goes retrograde from July 22-December 21, which causes an explosion of chaotic physical energy & fire. Uranus in retrograde is marked by even MORE activity, & an even stronger urges to rebel against oppression or assumed guilt. It turned retrograde just before the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson & subsequent protests, & just a month after that, the disappearance of the forty-three women from Mexico, both of which were not tolerated by the people of the area, in seemingly unprecedented ways.

The dynamic planets of Pluto & Uranus are also going through a series of seven squares, which cause tension, which began in 2012 & will conclude in 2015. A Uranus-Pluto square causes destruction & rebellion, which could come to fruition in a great way or a not-so-great way. The sixth square was on November 27, which was the American Thanksgiving holiday, just a few days after the decision to not indict Darren Wilson in Ferguson was announced. The effects of these astrological aspects are felt days before & days after such events, but are also very much long-term when they are in a succession. Students of Astrology tend to panic slightly at the idea of a Pluto-Uranus square, but I tend to be optimistic about these kind of things, in hope it brings about real change.

Saturn, the planet of Capricorn, is the planet of responsibility, hard-work, & dedication. From 2012 to 2015, Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of extremes, intensity, idealism, & passion. This gives us the extra passion or intensity to dedicate ourselves to important things, & also adds a bit of emotion to the cold planet of Saturn. Or, perhaps, you could say that it gives us the dedication needed to make changes within areas that we are already passionate about. Either way, these two together lead to action, & we get to enjoy it for another year.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, optimism, & success, & is in the sign of Leo from July 16, 2014- August 11, 2015.  When it is in the sign of Leo, who is the show-stealing, powerful, center of attention lion, that means an inflated sense of optimism & faith in the future. Since we are creating our reality at every step, inflated sense of coming good fortune clearly means good fortune is to come, & because of that, Leo is my favorite sign for Jupiter to occupy. I also have Jupiter in Leo, which is where I owe my optimistic outlook, & probably, a part of my success in life.

Mars is the planet of energy. It deals with action, aggression, and boldness. It stays in each sign for a month & a half, & is currently in Capricorn, which we’ve learned is the hardworking, dependable sign. Since October 26, Mars in Capricorn has been pushing us to make changes. Before Capricorn was, of course, Sagittarius & Scorpio, which are crusaders in their own way as well. This combination causes deliberate, persistent action, which has been increased by the Scorpio month & the Sagittarius month before. Looking ahead, Mars will move into Aquarius from December 4- January 12, resulting in dynamically erratic energy levels, & more humanitarian attention & effort.

Mercury, which again is the planet of communication, is in Sagittarius starting on November 27, the day of the sixth Uranus-Pluto square, & the American Thanksgiving holiday. That means that our interests, minds, & words will be concerned with what’s fair & not fair, ideals, optimism, & philosophy, & we’ll be communicating in a very blunt, straightforward way. Mercury in Sagittarius is known for great conversation, which sometimes ends in hurt feelings. It’s happening everywhere.

On November 22, we experienced a New Moon in Sagittarius. A New Moon implants ideas, patterns, & beliefs that will be instilled until the Full Moon. Sagittarians are concerned with independence, intelligence, philosophy, & optimism, so those ideas will play heavily in our minds for the entire cycle of the moon.

Who are these people that are doing the protesting & revolting? One would assume they’d be mostly under 35, born at or around 1980. These people have, in some way, grown up in the era of the internet, where anything is just a search away. They don’t just take things for face-value. The information has spread faster, reaching more people than ever before. In addition to that, they have social media, allowing them to spread information, connect with people, & peak into different cultures. These people were also born in dramatic ages, as Pluto was in Scorpio from 1983-1995, which gives this group an obsession with knowing the “truth,” followed by Pluto in Sagittarius which gives that group more of an optimistic adventuring quest for the truth until 2008. The group born from 1970-1984 was born when Neptune was under Sagittarius, giving those people a quest for freedom, & then the group born until 1998 was born under Capricorn, giving them a stronger urge to make ideas become reality.

If it seems cyclical, that’s because it is. The sun, the moon, & the planets go through the procession of signs the same way, yet the amount of time varies, leading to innumerable amount of possibilities. The difference is the synchronic placement of everything now, with what’s going on, coupled with the fact that we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius. With the exception of the planet of luck, Jupiter, being in Leo, & of course the rebellious planet of Uranus in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, (which are both good things in my opinion) all the other planets are in the last five, (or most evolved) zodiac signs. That means that as a whole, we are evolving right now. We are thinking with the higher parts of our being. Connecting with more of our fellow humans.

So, what is this telling us?

Right now, whether it’s for the next 7 years, 6 months, or 3 weeks, the planets have all aligned for us to be creating/receiving this experience that we have. We’ve gone through all the other stages. We’ve evolved to this point, we know more than ever before. Pluto shifting into Capricorn in 2008 started the spark, getting our minds determined to work to make change. Uranus moving into Aries in 2010 gave us the feeling of a newborn, wanting to burst on the scene & do everything with no concept of fear. The beginning of the Pluto-Uranus square in 2012 set off more friction, continuing until now, & Saturn’s stay in Scorpio gave us an obsession with responsibility, & the beginning of the Aries-Libra Blood Moons started 2014 off with a foreboding vibe. In the last six months, we’ve seen our luck improve with Jupiter in Leo, the sixth of seven Pluto-Uranus squares, the total lunar eclipse as well as the partial solar eclipse, & Mars move into Capricorn, which gives us a persistent push to action.

We are all mad. Anyone that’s paying attention is mad, maybe just for different reasons. What I’m proposing is; we do something about it. This is a time for action, humanitarianism, deconstruction, reconstruction, & rebellion. All over the world. I’m proposing that instead of being polite, we say something. We speak out. We educate ourselves & others about every decision. GMOs, police brutality, influence of one religion or another in the schools or governments of not just your own state or country, but the world as well. Wars, taxes, money, laws, all of that stuff absolutely IS changeable. To feel as if it was all beyond our control is to GIVE UP control, & this generation is about seizing the control back. In a lot of our long-term planets, except Uranus, we’re at the end of our cycle. In a few hundred years… who knows what could be possible then, the end of Uranus in Aries sounds far-off enough. But for now, we are the brand-new everything. Breaking things & lightings things on fire (metaphorically, maybe). The idea comes to me that I would hate to see the end of our cycle if this particularly moving time period didn’t involve a lot of destruction & progression. It IS possible. It is our world, & it’s not that dark. Educate yourselves on all that you can, have an opinion, share it, defend it. Right now, & always, there are ways in which we can improve. Complacency & acceptance will only lead to unhappiness for you, & many others like you, but if YOU stand up, maybe they will too. Be bold. The universe supports you.

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