Why Most People Die Before 25

Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are the makers and creators of our own reality. While we can’t control certain aspects of the future, what we can control is ourselves, how we feel, and which lens we view reality through every day.

If you look at yourself as an artist, with the capability to “paint” any day as you see fit, you can view each morning as a blank canvas that you are able to form into the masterpiece of your choice. The beauty of each new day, is that a new “canvas” emerges, and you can create whatever art you wish. The day is a day that has never existed before, and you have the capability to make its existence into a living work of art. With each “brush stroke”, you color your canvas with your desires, and the end result should be something you feel good about.

The video below, by Prince Ea (one of our favorite new motivational voices), serves as a beautiful reminder of the artist you can choose to be, and the importance of following your dreams. You choose always, nobody is choosing for you. Do you choose to live, or do you choose to exist? Do you choose to follow your dreams, or do you choose to “die”? Do you choose to accept or do you choose to be exceptional?

The choice is yours…


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