Spirit Animal Explorations: The Snake

As channeled by JOB:

The snake is the made ideal of the way to make life a transformational process…to be able to shed your skin, and be guided by your senses.

The snake is the voyager who makes his movements with his senses first, and his actions after. He is aware of the way of the world, and uses his tongue as the barometer. The tongue can either be your weapon, or your greatest ally. The words you use can either call upon the ability to create, or destroy. Do you speak with venom, or do you speak with a made intention to be loving?

The snake is considered sacred to many cultures because of its ability to shed the skin of the past, in order to move into the future as a new better version of itself. You make the choice to either transform with the current of life, or remain holding on to what is no longer serving you and weighing you down. The snake sheds its skin with no attachment to the past, and moves in a fluid motion towards the future. The snake can kill with its mouth, but lets his senses guide him before making any attack…and the attack is only to protect, not to provoke.

To be the snake in your experience of life…

  • Walk with fluid motion in your steps.
  • Shed what does not serve your highest good.
  • Allow your senses to guide you always, and use your natural instinct.
  • Do not provoke anyone, but know how to protect yourself.
  • Use your words with caution, and avoid venomous speech.
  • Be weary of the “rodents” you choose to nourish your soul, because you never want to allow a rat into your experience.
  • Make a realization that being blind to what is in front of you is the ballad of the fool, but if you allow your intuition to be your guide (with a dash of logic and reason) you make life a journey worth experiencing.

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